101 Reasons to Throw A Party

Here's a list of reasons to throw a rad rager, pleasant party, a great get together, or a humble hang out.

The Big Holidays:

1. New Years Eve
2. Valentine's Day
3. St. Patrick's Day
4. Easter
5. Memorial Day
6. Hanukkah
7. Independence Day
8. Halloween
9. Thanksgiving (Friendsgiving)
10. Christmas

Wedding Occasions:

11. Engagement
12. Wedding
13. Bridal Shower
14. Bachelorette Party
15. Bachelor Party

Family/Birthday Milestones:

16. "We're Pregnant!"
17. Baby Shower
18. Baby's 1st Birthday
19. Sweet 16
20. 21st Birthday
21. OMG You're 30?!
22. Over the Hill, 40th Birthday
23. 50th birthday
24. Month Birthday (Family members born in the same month celebrate on one day) 
25. Birthday

Other Holidays: 

26. Memorial Day
27. Mother's Day 
28. Father's Day
29. Mardi Gras
30. National Cookie Day (December 4th), or National Cookie Exchange Day (December 22nd)
31. International Beer Day (August 4th), National Beer Day (April 7th), National Drink Beer Day (September 28th), American Beer Day (October 27th)
32. International Hot and Spicy Food Day (January 16th)
33. National Chocolate Fondue Day (February 5th), National Cheese Fondue Day (April 11th)
34. National Fun Day (April 3rd)
35. International Beer and Pizza Day (October 9th)
36. Beach Party Day (August 7th)
37. National Cheese Lovers Day (January 20th)
38. Singles Awareness Day (February 15th)
39. Festivus (December 23rd)
40. Beer Pong Day (May 6th)
41. Celebration of Life Day (January 22nd)
42. National Flannel Day (February 10th)
43. National Country Music Day (July 4th)
44. New Friends Day (January 19th), National Make a Friend Day (February 12th)
45. Ice Cream Day (December 13th)
46. Let's Laugh Day (March 19th)
47. World Party Day (April 3rd)
48. National Pie Day (January 23rd)
49. National Pizza Party Day (May 19th), Pizza Pie Day (February 9th)
50. National Superhero Day (April 28th)
51. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (December 16th) 
52. National Hot Chocolate Day (January 31st)
53. National Homebrew Day (May 6th)
54. Drink Wine Day (February 18th)
55. New Beers Eve (April 6th)
56. Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)
57. National Cocktail Day (March 24th), National Fruit Cocktail Day (May 13th), World Cocktail Day (May 13th)
58. I Love Cowboys and Cowgirls Day (August 15th)
59. International Day of Awesomeness (March 10th)
60. World Bartender Day (February 24th)
61. National Pretzel Day (April 26th)
62. National Chips and Dip Day (March 23rd)
63. National Day of the Cowboy (July 23rd) 
64. Proposal Day (March 20th)
65. National Lager Day (December 10th)

Game Day, Award Shows, Cinematic Occasions:

66. Superbowl Sunday
67. The Kentucky Derby
68. March Madness
69. World Series
70. World Cup
71. The Olympics
72. Oscars
73. American Music Awards
74. Country Music Awards
75. Emmy's
76. People's Choice Awards
77. Grammy's 
78. Video Music Awards
79. Golden Globes
80. Reality Show Viewing 
81. Season or Series Finale
82. Season or Series Premiere
83. TV Show Marathon, Movie Marathon
84. Movie Premiere
85. Tent Pole Movie

Adult Occasions:

86. Moving Out
87. Moving In
88. Housewarming
89. New Job
90. Gradutation

Random Reasons:

91. You just want to get wasted.
92. Girls' Night
93. Boys' Night
94. You bought a new TV or gadget you want to try out
95. You're having a bad day and want to make it better.
96. You have gift cards to spend.
97. Family Dinner
98. New Pet
99. Cute New Outfit
100. Personal Milestone
101. Pregame


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