DIY: 52 Reasons I Love You Valentine


Step One:
Gather Materials-
-Full deck of cards
-Hot glue, glue stick, adhesive
-Hole punch
-Binder rings
-Marker (or printer)
-Paper (or printer)

Step Two:
Hole punch your cards. Make sure all of the cards line up!

Step Three:
Measure your cards in order to measure the "stickers" for your 52 reasons booklet. For example, if your cards have a small square on them, measure it (say maybe 3inx2in) and then sketch out rectangles on a piece of paper. You can also make them on your computer and print them out.


Print out one of these templates.

Step Four:
Write your 52 reasons in your squares (either right on the paper with a marker, or typed onto the template) Here are some suggestions-
52 Reasons Why I Love You
52 Reasons I Love NAME
Physical features: Your eyes, cute butt, etc.
The way you kiss me
Your song: "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", "If My Heart Had Wings"
Location of your first date
An inside joke
Personality quirks: you like ketchup on your pancakes, your goofy laugh
Things you do together: Party Down South marathons, When we cook and don't burn the house down

Step Five:
Cut out your reasons and glue them onto your cards.

Step Six:
Put together your cards onto the rings.


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