DIY: Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, my SO and I happen to be two incredibly broke college students currently living in one of the most expensive cities in the country--so our options seemed limited. Then we came up with this really neat idea:

Valentine's Day Indoor Camping

Step One:
Send each other a survey in order to figure out some details. Make it really vague and wide. For example, we did--
Top 10 Favorite Meals
Top 15 Favorite Candy
Top 8 Best Snacks
Five Favorite Colors
Six Movies That You Love

Fill out the surveys for one another.

Step Two:
Go shopping. We kept it a total secret from one another what we were getting. 

Step Three:
On Valentine's Day, set up. Pitch a blanket fort in the living room or make the area as comfy as possible with pillows, blankets, PJs and anything else you may need.

Step Four:
Snacks. Divvy out the food into dishes so that you can snack and pick during the "camping trip" in the living room.

Step Five:
Each person gets to pick a movie from their list to watch with one another.

Step Six:
After the first movie, make dinner together. Each selects one dinner dish to make the other. (I'm making him rosemary chicken with homemade mashed potatoes and he's making me chocolate chip banana pancakes)

Step Seven:
Enjoy dinner over the second film.

Step Eight:
At the end of the camping trip, exchange gifts or play games. This may or may not lead to sexy time, depending on you and the relationship.

Hope this DIY inspires you for a nice, cheap, fun and unique date this Valentine's Day!

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