Redneck Romance: Date Night Ideas with a Southern Touch


  1. Shake n Bake

            You and your darlin’ get in the kitchen and whip up something that reminds you of your favorite time of year, makes you smile, is totally brand new to the both of ya or just comes out of a Betty Crocker box. Now, jam to some tunes as you both make somethin’ sweet and awesome. Can’t think of a recipe or playlist? We got you covered!


  1. Impromptu Campout

            Set up a quick campsite in your backyard, basement or living room. Build your tent! Have you ever had a bad time building a fort with someone? No, no you haven’t. Grab some sheets, chairs, pillows, or if you really want to, just the tent and get camp ready. Then, gather your camping supplies: sleeping bags, pillows, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, beer, music and good conversation. Sit by the fire and enjoy each other’s company.

            If you end up inside, please, don’t set a fire. Gather around a lantern instead!


  1. Trucks and Treats

            If you have a pick up truck available, this is a fun idea. Take your date to your favorite spot outdoors (field, farm, lake, etc). Park and have a romantic redneck dinner! In the bed of your truck, pack a folding table, chairs, lanterns and a picnic. Throw some candles in there too if you’re feelin’ really fancy. Set up in the bed of the truck and dine under the stars and the glow of your smiles.


  1. Alcohol Art

            It’s exactly what it sounds like. After a nice dinner, start consuming some creative juices and do crafts with each other. You may discover some hidden talent! Painting is the best craft for this date.



  1. Scavenger Hunt

            Prepare a scavenger hunt for each other by placing objects or messages all over your own maps. These maps can range from someone’s house to their whole property to the entire town! Don’t be afraid to get creative and get each other dirty. Each object should mean something. Come up with clever clues. The end of the scavenger hunt should get you both to a mutual location to beat up with each other. This is when you both can pick a winner, and chat about the adventure over drinks and tunes.


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