Finding Your Perfect Boot



Whether you need a boot for the ranch, stomping around the city, line dancing, a job interview or simply just ‘cause your boots should keep you stable. Here are some things to consider:


  1. Fashion/Style
    There is a vast variety of boots out there, ladies. Think about what kind of boot matches your wardrobe, whether it is the entire wardrobe or simply just the outfit you plan on wearing with the boots. There are different fashions of cowboy boots for different occasions.


  1. Comfort
    When you wear a boot, you are making a commitment to that boot. There is no “ugh, these are so cute but hurt so bad…I’ll take em off after I make an entrance, no one will see.” Nope. You are married to those boots until you are home. So, get a boot that is comfortable for you! Make sure your foot/calf can breathe, the boot is not too loose/tight, walk without losing feeling in your feet and that you can wear them without getting blisters. The instep to your boot needs to fit. If the “throat” (the tall part of your boot) is too tight to too loose, you’re going to also run into some problems. Pay attention to your toes! Are they crushed into the front of the boot or tapping the middle of the arch? Do you need a wide boot or a needle nose? Buy boots that match your arch and toes.


  1. Walkability
    This one may seem like a common sense thing, but you’d be surprised how many ladies will sacrifice equilibrium for fashion. You don’t have to choose!


  1. Length
    The length of your boot is important to consider because depending on the height of your boot, you may have to alter what pants or skirt or dress you are wearing. More often than not, you don’t want the hemline of your skirt or dress to go over your boots because then you lose the boot look and your boots seem like pants. If you purchase an ankle boot or booties, make sure you know how to roll your jeans or pants properly over them for maximum fashion and comfort.


  1. Heel
    Some women were born for heels, others are not. When deciding on your boot, make sure your heel is part of your considerations. A boot may “slip” a bit in the heel. The heel of many cowboy style boots are made of a thick leather or wood that is broken in over time and use.


  1. Material

            As addressed in the fashion consideration, the material of your boot is important. Knowing the material of your boot will not only insure that you will be able to take care of the boot properly and avoid conditions that will hurt the boot (i.e. don’t get suede wet, but leather is better for the weather), but you will also be able to better match it with outfits, situations and occasions. In most cases, it’s better to buy leather!


  1. Personality

            Do your boots reflect you in some way? Your boots say a bit, if not, a lot about you depending on who you are and what your attitude is. Get a pair of boots that have a flare to them, an identifiable quality. Even simple boots say something.


  1. Occasion

            If you are shopping for boots for a particular occasion, make sure that they are appropriate-as in are comfortable for that occasion. When you’re shopping for an every day boot, it is still important to think of the every day as an occasion.


  1. Price

            You don’t want to sell your soul for a pair of boots, but be mindful of the price. If you’re buying a pair of boots that are going to get a lot of wear often, pay for it. In the long run, they’ll pay for themselves. However, if you are buying a boots for an occasional reason, don’t pay out of the nose for them.


  1. Care

            Caring for your boots is incredibly important. Four easy steps to remember: clean, condition, polish and protect! Whether your boots are leather, suede, alligator, python, kidskin or corona make sure to know how to care for them.


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