Redneck Ready Holiday


Southern Holiday Decorating Ideas


By Lexx Fusco @SimplyEvrything


            Holiday time is about community, family and joy. A redneck knows how to celebrate such a time! Many “southern” or “country” ideals are based in community. Here’s a way to get ready for the holidays redneck style.


Redneck Ornaments:

            Buy Online:

            Wildlife ornaments and Hunting ornaments  

 (Kurt Adler)


Beer Bottle ornaments

(Kensington Row Christmas Collection)


Redneck Drinkin’ ornaments



Redneck Princess and Country Girl ornaments

(Burton & Burton)


Cowgirl ornaments



Merry Christmas Y’All ornament

(Burton &Burton)


Make Your Own!


Don’t forget the lights!


Shotgun Shell Lights



Mini Mason Jar Lights



Decorating Around the House


There are plenty of things you could buy to decorate your home this holiday, but more often than not it is much more fun to make your own decorations and get some of your own personality in your project.


Empty Liquor Bottle Light Display



Mason Jars, Mason Jars, Mason Jars


Mason Jars are a staple in the décor of southern tradition. They’re cheap to buy too! Mason Jars can be transformed into a candle holder, glittery creation, a gift and more!


Glitter Jars


Mason Jar Candles


Jar Gifts




Holiday Cylinders

(Southern Living)


More great decorating ideas here!


Want to show off your redneck ready holiday home? Take a few pics and post them on Twitter and Instagram and tag us! We’ll post our favorites and send out some prizes. We hope you have a happy holiday.


Don’t forget to stuff your stockings with some Redneck Couture as well ;)




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