Sleigh Belles


By Lexx Fusco @SimplyEvryThing


            Ladies and Belles, we know you’re hot, but are you going to be able to stay warm this winter? Here are some tips to keep yourself cozy but still cute!



  1. Your Jacket

            Find a jacket with versatile personality and use. It can be worn over or with any outfit but also in sub zero conditions and snowy ones as well. Neutral or dark colors are best because they can match any outfit.



  1. Accessories

            Hats, gloves, scarves and warmers are your friends! These accessories are key to keeping warm and wonderful.



There are so many hats and so many more ways to wear them! There are beanies, berets, floppy hats, caps and more. Find a hat that matches your jacket, or style but still keeps your head and ears warm.




Wrap a scarf around your neck and keep the heat! Scarves are an accessory that look great with any outfit, and can be worn inside and outside. Redneck Couture has a couple of cute scarves that you should add to your winter wardrobe that are great for any season.



Nothing is worse than chapped skin. Be kind to your hands and keep them warm by investing in some mittens or gloves. You’d be surprised by how many adorable and versatile pairs there are out there for all styles!


  1. Boots!

            Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has obviously never owned a good pair of boots, especially during the winter. Select a boot that keeps you warm and looking fine. Check out our tips on boot selection!


Be sure to dress in layers, try some new cardigans and add some wool and leather to your wardrobe. Stay out of the cold, but stay classy!


Dress your warmest and your best with Redneck Couture. Take a photo in your scarf, your boots with some Bling, or a whole winter outfit and be sure to post it so we can feature you on the site!

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