Redneck Ready: DIY No Sew Clutch




The example above is what inspired this craft. That is a fold over clutch, a bit different than ours. Click the link above to learn how to make that version.


This craft is super cute, fun, easy and cheap to make! We got a few placemats from the dollar store and three belts from Walmart all under $15.00!


Step One:

Gather your materials: placemat, belt, hot glue and a pair of scissors.


Step Two:

Select your pattern and belt.


Step Three:

Fold your placemat in half and hot glue the sides. Hold the sides in place with clothespins for a minute or so to insure that the sides remained sealed together.


*Step Four:

This step is optional, but you can trim the top of your placemat if you prefer a more rectangular look.


Step Five:

Measure out the length of the belt for the amount you need to fit around your clutch.


Step Six:

Hot glue the belt to the back of the placemat. Be sure to place the mat in the center of the belt.





Match your placemat with your Redneck Couture! Take a pic of you and your DIY clutch, post it and tag us. You might be featured on our social media and website!

December 29, 2014 by Lexx Fusco
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