DIY Holiday Mason Jars

By Lexx Fusco @SimplyEvryThing



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Holiday Mason Jars




 (jars above used Kosher salt instead of glitter.)

Glitter Mason Jar and White Mason Jar Candleholders:


Step One:

Gather your materials: mason jars, applicators*, Modge Podge, plastic baggies**, glitter (make sure you have fine glitter, learned this the hard way!), white paint**

(Applicators can be a large Qtip, for the Modge Podge because you can throw it away afterwards because it’s going to get ruined. The white paint and plastic baggies are not pictured here.)


Step Two:

Prep your gltiter. In a large plastic baggie, pour in your glitter. You can use just one color if you like, but I added some red glitter to give it some pizzazz. Shake the bag up to mix your glitters.

Put off to side.


Step Three:

Modge Podge your jar.

Let dry.


Step Four:

Place wet jar into bag of glitter. Shake. Make sure your jar gets coated.


Step Five:

Remove your jar from the baggie. Let it sit and dry for about fifteen minutes.




Step One:

Paint your jar white.


Step Two:

Let it sit and dry for five to ten minutes depending on type of paint and amount of coats.


Once your jars are dry, add candles.




Snowman sugar jar:

This is a really nifty and neat craft for your kitchen!


Step One:

Gather your supplies: a jar, sugar, black paint, pipe cleaners, scissors

Step Two:

Fill your jar with sugar.


Step Three:

Paint your snowman's face onto the side of the jar.


Step Four:

Cut your pipe cleaners for your snowman "scarf" to wrap around the top of the jar.


All Done!



Make sure to snap a photo of your jars around your house and tag us! You could be featured on our IG, Twitter or website!

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