Top Ten TV Shows to Binge

By Lexx Fusco @SimplyEvryThing


If you have Netflix or access to the internet, these are the shows you need to binge as soon as possible. Whether you’re a lover of procedural cop dramas with terrible opening scene puns, to a guilty pleasure reality show guru, to looking for a new fandom to join, these are the shows for you.


1. Party Down South 

Party Down South is CMT's homage to the Jersey Shore except it's deep fried in booze, trouble, alcohol and all of the southern drama that anyone could ask for. A group of partiers come together to live in a house down south to live the "true country lifestyle." New episodes air on CMT Thursdays at 8pm but you can also watch full episodes online.


2. Undeclared

This quirky TV sitcom may have only lasted a season, but it was a season full of laughs and acutally pretty interesting plots and story lines. It’s considered a sequel show to the popular Freaks and Geeks. This show is centered around a few college students (Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and Charlie Hunnam) that are attempting to survive their freshman year and get into all kinds of antics and trouble. If you’re looking for a quick show to start and finish but you want a stomach ache from the laughs, this is the show to binge.



3. Swamp People

This is one of the many docudramas that have been popping up all over television featuring rednecks in their natural habitats performing dangerous stunts for their jobs or sheer entertainment. Swamp People follows a group of Cajuns living in the Louisiana bayou and they happen to be really great at hunting alligators. Check it out on the History channel or


4. Bayou Billionaires

Continuing on the redneck docudrama trend, let's head back over to CMT for Bayou Billionaires. This television series, much like Duck Dynasty but with a fraction of the facial hair, follows the Dowdens: a southern family that struck it oil rich and now have to live with the everyday drama of having an insane amount of cash. With crazy antics, chaos and comedy, this tv show will keep you entertained for days and asking yourselves, "WHY DO THEY HAVE SO MUCH MONEY? I WANT A BOAT TO CRASH TOO."


5. New Girl

New Girl is an ensemble comedy and possibly one of the best on TV. An ensemble comedy is a comedy that is not centered around one particular person, but a group (or ensemble) of characters. So New Girl is not all about the new girl—it is also about her zany guy roommates and the relationships that they build. Zooey Deschenal plays a fantastic lead. This show consistently puts out funny material that is heartwarming and entertaining. You’ll fall in love with the characters and maybe even figure out how to play one of the most difficult drinking games ever conceived.



6. Redneck Island

Another CMT original that pays homage to a similar show: Rednecks meet Survivor.  A group of individuals stereotyped as "rednecks" are dumped and stranded on a desert island and are forced to compete against each other for food and prestige.


7. Hillbilly Handfishin'

This series from Animal Planet is a reality tv show that features a sport called "noodling." Noodling is when an individual fishes for catfish using only his or her bare hands. You can probably already see this unfolding in a messy, wet and hilarious way. The Bivins family runs "Big Fish Adventures" in Oklahoma and lead groups out into the water to catch these catfish. 


8. Real Housewives of Atlanta

Who doesn't love watching a bunch of catty southerners backstab each other while they smile at one another? The Real Housewives of Atlanta is another sect in a bunch of reality shows based off of prestigious women in particular areas that seem have drama as a daily nutritional need. However, we are shamelessly addicted to watching these women destroy each other so why not watch colorful southerners do it with some flare?


9. Moonshiners

            The Discovery Channel brings you into the world of illegal moonshine making. Following two real life moonshiners, Tim and Tickle, this show takes you through the ups, downs, dangers and pleasures of makin’ moonshine in the Carolinas. Tim and Tickle are interesting characters that get into all kinds of messes. Watch them drink their way out of it on Moonshiners!



10. My Big Redneck Wedding

            This series is on CMT. Each episode features a redneck couple that wants to have a southern living wedding complete with shotguns, mud, trucks and camo. The drama and entertainment of the show when it comes to the bitchy brides, odd family traditions, or something or other going wrong is powerful, but the ending result is nice to watch too! This is a great guilty pleasure show.



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