DIY Quote Tee



Step One: Gather your supplies! You will need:


-a tshirt (perhaps a Redneck Couture Tee?)

-freezer paper

-cloth iron

-Xacto knife


-cutting mat

-fabric paint

-sponge brush


-a piece of cardboard to put inside of the tee so that the paint doesn’t transfer onto the other side of the shirt


Step Two: Print your design! You can try to print your quote directly onto the freezer paper, but you might have some trouble. You can also just draw it directly onto the paper with a pencil and then outline it with a marker.


Step Three: Place the freezer paper onto the cutting mat, GLOSSY SIDE DOWN. Use the Xacto knife to cut out the letters to create your stencil. (Don’t forget to keep all of the pieces that your cut out, for example the inside of the letter D or lowercase e.)



Step Four: Place your stencil and the extra pieces on your tee. Iron freezer paper onto the tee.

Before Iron On: (

After Iron On: (


Step Five: Paint! Take your sponge brush and dab your selected color over the stencil. Once completed, let the paint dry for 30 minutes or so.



Step Six: Slowly and carefully peel away the freezer paper from the tee. Looks great right?! Almost done. Turn the shirt inside out. Most fabric paints need a secondary heat treatment normally in order for it to stick. Iron over the words on the insdie of the shirt.




Turn it inside out again and you’re done!


Take a pic of your inspirational quote tees on your Redneck Couture and tag us. You could be featured on our social media pages!

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