10 Things You Can Do With A Leftover Liquor Bottle

1. With a splash of paint or a bit of tape and a nice flower, you can turn a wine bottle or liquor bottle into a vase.

(sweetpaul.typepad.com, buzzfeed.com)

For a bit of southern flare add burlap or twine to some lovely summer color flowers!



2. Make them talk! Using chalkboard paint, coat your bottles and let them be used to write all over! Click here for the tutorial.



3. Turn your liquor bottles into glitter bottles! These are useful to have around just as a fun decoration, but also can be used to give your jewelry (Boot Bling!) a place to hang to be clasped around.



4. Turn 'em into glasses! Use the tutorial below to find out how to cut your bottles safely and efficiently. 


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5. Make a message in a bottle for someone special! This makes for a really great gift for the presentation is really nice and the message is thoughtful. Using a wine bottle is best for this. You can simply write your message, roll it up and stick it in or you can add some flare too!



6. Sand art! This is a fun craft to do with the kids or even with other adults. This might be popular for a party as well. Once you're done making your sand art bottle, keep it around as a fancy decoration!



7. Candle holders so you can have a little moonlighting while you're working on emptying a new bottle to recycle. This is classy, artsy and environmentally friendly.



8. For those summer nights of BBQs, country music and rough housing, you need the perfect lighting. Attach mini liquor bottles to a string of lights and hang em up outside.



9. Can't find that perfect soap dispenser? A whiskey bottle will do! Learn how here.



10. Don't forget about the caps and the corks. Each top can be used for something neat from buttons to magnets to coasters to sculptures!

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