Bad Day Kits

We all have our bad days every now and then. It can be super frustrating, hurtful, tough and long but you make it to the next day and you should be very proud of yourself for that. However, it is nice to have some help.

This holiday, I started making "bad day kits" for people because, being a starving college student, I don't have a ton of money to spend, but I wanted to still get the special people in my life something special for themselves...

So I headed on over to Dollar Tree and Five Below and that's when it hit me: a kit to help get through a rough day.

You can create a bad day kit for yourself, friends, neighbors, family members or really anyone. You can get really specific or be super general. Either way, the kit not only will be full of stuff to help make that person feel better, but it is also a super generous thought. 


Here are some basics:

-mini jar candles (Dollar Tree!)

-bubble bath

-pummice sponge




-hot chocolate

-fuzzy socks

-facial scrub

-applicator for mentioned scrub

-nail file

-nail polish remover

-nail polish

-a cooling mask

-a bean neck pillow

-a mini teddy bear



-ear plugs

-bubble wrap (the most therapeutic thing in the world)

-joke book


If you want to get more personal:

-notes (compliments, memories, song lyrics, motiviationals, fun facts, etc.)

-pictures (personal photos, baby animals, hunks, pretty ladies, funny photos, etc.)


-a mixtape (CD or playlist, whatever you kids are using nowadays)


-coupon book (1 free massage, road trip, coffee and chit chat on me!, etc.)

-mini liquor bottles (for those REALLY bad days)


What helps get you through a bad day?

We hope that all is well and that these kits come in handy if necessary.

Let us know what you put in your kits! Perhaps some Redneck Couture to lift the spirits with a splash of fashion?!

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