Quick Exercises to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Now that you have a bunch of new clothes and hopefully Redneck Couture to wear this year, it helps to maintain your body. Keeping up at the gym and with an exercise routine can be tough for busy individuals so here is a list of simple exercises that you can do in 10 minutes or less, anytime and anywhere. Get ready to rock those Daisy Dukes this spring with these exercises:

1. "Grocery Runs"

You know that burn you feel when you refuse to make more than one trip to and from the car with your groceries so you pile all of them onto both of your arms and charge your way into the house? This is something similar! Load up a few bags with items (groceries, cookbooks, textbooks, laundry, etc) to give it some weight. You can also use pet food or kitty litter. Then, take a few laps up and down the hallway or driveway. 

2. "Butterfly Abs"

This is a modified ab workout that not only targets your abdominals but your thighs as well. 


3. "Jumping Jacks"

While watching TV don't fast forward through the commercials. Instead, do a few sets of jumping jacks. As ridiculous as they may seem, an average woman can burn up to 90 calories from 5-10 minutes of jumping jacks.

4. "Squats"

Squats are great for your booty and your legs. There is such a wide variety of squats that you can do depending on what you want to focus on, your comfortability and flexibility.


5. "The Superman"

This is a core exercise that will also help tone your upper arms. Simply lie on your stomach with your arms stretched up and out and your legs up and feel the burn! Maintain each position for 30 seconds during each rep.


6. "Modified Plank"

Another core exercise that works your upper arm strength. It seems to be just a simple push up position and it pretty much is. However, you position yourself on your tip toes and you tighten your stomach in order to create resistance. Maintain pose for 30 seconds during each rep.


7. "Chair Lifts"

This exercise mainly focuses on your core but also works on your calves, thighs and upper arms. Using a chair, lift yourself up and down from a squatting position.


8. "Crunch Cycles"

When you wake up in the morning, start your day off with some crunches. 

From military.com:

- Regular Crunch: 10-20 reps - Just lift shoulder blades off the floor 
- Reverse Crunch - 10-20 reps - Lift hips off the floor 
- Double Crunch - 10-20 reps - Lift BOTH hips / shoulders off the floor simultaneously 
- Left Crunches - 10-20 reps - Take right elbow to the left knee 
- Right Crunches -10-20 reps - Take left elbow to right knee 
- Bicycle Crunches - 10-20 reps - Take right/left elbow to left/right knee by bicycling the legs 
- Plank pose - 30-60 seconds 
- Stomach stretch - 30 seconds

9. "Grocery Bag Curls"

Similar to the run, use "grocery bags" or one of the previously mentioned options to lift as weights. Do a few different lifts and rows.

10. "Take The Stairs"

During your lunch break, commercial break, or simple down time go up and down the stairs for a few reps. Start out just walking up and down like normal, then pick up your pace. Soon you'll be doing a Rocky! This improves your cardio as well as your legs.


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