How to Throw a Redneck Slumber Party

Ladie's Night is always a good time--unless it ends with crying, but let's try to avoid that. You go out with your girls to the club, bar or line dancing but what if you want to do an old fashion slumber party with your gal pals? Here are a few tips that you might want to take a gander at!


Party prep is important. There's the guest list, inviting said guests, grocery shopping, clean up and the party set up.

1. Figure out who's gonna be there.

Whether you are simply having your two best friends over or a bachelorette party, get an idea of how many people you need to host and what their individual needs are. (food allergies, doesn't drink, Sally will gouge out Mary's eyes so keep them far away from each other, etc.)

2. Invite your guests.

Whether it's a FB invite, mass text or the old fashion send in the mail make sure to get the information of your party to your guests: when, where, theme, rules, what to bring, etc.

3. Grocery shopping

If you don't want to break the bank, making a slumber party a pot luck is always a good idea. However, if you plan on having a slumber party late at night then you want to get more snack foods than meals. Purchase pre made food trays if you don't want to be Betty Crocker, but making little things is great too. Select your recipes and make your shopping list!

4. Make drinks

If you want to make your slumber party 21+ prep your fun drinks the morning of your slumber party. You can make fun jello shots, Skittles vodka, etc. Pick out your booze and your recipes and get ready!

5. Set up

Put out food, drinks, plates, etc. Make sure everyone has a place to crash for the night too.

Fun Party Ideas:

1. Set up a Photo Booth.

Ask your girls to bring their best to the party to get dressed up fro a bunch of different photos. Get props too! If you girls dress up in your Redneck Couture, post the pics and tag us. We'll feature you on our social media!

2. Summertime Redneck Slip n Slide

If your slumber party takes place in the summer months and you're having some of the boys attend then this is always a fun activity. Set up a plastic tarp in the back yard. Use a hose and dish detergent to make it slippery. Have some wet n wild fun! Be careful!


3. Customize Mason Jars

Write each guest's name on a Mason Jar so that she can use it for her drinks throughout the night.


4. Glow in the dark bubbles.

Need I say more? Check out the tutorial here!


5. Make some makeup!

Using coconut oil and Kool Aid!


6. Set up a spa!


Don't forget to play some awesome music. Check out our available playlists and recipes to help you plan the perfect party.

Have fun!

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