Cowboy Casanova and Southern Belle Seductresses: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the ones we love and hold dear in our lives. It’s a day of romance and beauty. Sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day date or one that won’t break the bank. Here are some suggestions to help you and your significant other feel that southern spark!


  1. DIY Valentine’s Day

            Make some gifts or activities from the heart to show your gal or guy how important they are to you. Here are some fun DIY ideas to do together:       

-Temporary Tattoos: take an hour or so to sit down with one another at the table and design a temporary tattoo for each other. Don’t let the other see it until it’s applied. Then reveal! Check out the temporary tattoo tutorial here. It’s fast, easy, safe and cheap.

-Paper Airplane Love Notes: fly them to each other from across the room.

-Go old school and burn each other a CD with songs that remind you of one another. Check out some of our playlists for inspiration.

-A Bag of Kisses: go to the craft store or Walmart and purchase a small gift or satin bag, on little pieces of paper write down different types of kisses (kiss on the cheek, lips, make out, French, etc), fold up the notes and put them in the bag. Later in the evening, pick each piece out and try out all kinds of kisses!

-Mason Jar Notes: fill a mason jar with love notes for your special guy or gal. These notes can range from qualities you like about him/her, song lyrics, I Love You, funny quotes, love quotes, or simply little messages to help improve his/her day.

-Scavenger Hunt: create a map with clues and stash gifts or notes for your SO to find.

-Coupon Books: it seems a bit juvenile but it’s the thought that counts. You and your SO can make these little booklets with coupons good for “taking out the trash” to “dinner and a RomCom for two on me” to perhaps some more interesting things like “one body massage” and more!


  1. Dinner and Dessert

            The food of Valentine’s Day is almost as important as the romance part. Need some recipe ideas? We got you covered. Check out our Spoiled Southern: Valentine’s Recipes article for a list of easy southern delicacies guaranteed to make your significant other feel special.

-Picnic Inside

Set up a picnic blanket or table cloth in the living room outfitted with candles (wax or plastic), flowers and a nice dinner for two. Play some soft music in the background to set the mood.

            -Recreate Your First Date

Take your SO out to the same place you both went on your first date together. Reminisce about how you asked her out, if it was crowded, was the food bad or good, and perhaps even talk about the infamous first kiss!

            -Romantic Dinner for Two at Home

You could play this a few different ways. You may want to to stay at home and cook with each other, prepare the meal yourself and then invite the SO over or even hire a professional chef to come to the house for an evening and prepare dinner for the both of you.

            -Bake Together

Valentine’s Day is a super sweet occasion and it can be even sweeter when you guys bake together. Get in the kitchen and pull out some fun recipes to make heart cookies or something chocolaty.

            -Dinner for Two in Bed

Order some take out or whip up something quick and simple and wine and dine in bed together. Keep the moment intimate and enjoy your meal. You’ll need the energy!


  1. Gifts

            Remind your significant other how special he/she is with gifts from the heart. You can go big and get the ring or watch or even do something as simple and sweet and making something yourself. Check out our Spoiled Southern: Gifts article if you need some more ideas!


Present your gifts in a creative way and make them even more special!


Don’t forget the card. This is pretty important because it’s your words from the heart and will be treasured by your SO for a long time.


Make this Valentine’s Day romantic and have a lovely holiday!


Spoil your fancy redneck with Redneck Couture this Valentine’s Day? Take a pic of your date or of your SO and their Redneck Couture and tag us. You’ll be featured on our social media!

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