Sexy Southern Star Studs: Which Male Country Artist Would be Your Valentine?

Which sexy southern gentleman would serenade you this Valentine's Day? Take this quiz and find out. Keep track of your answers and tally them up at the end.


Question 1:
What does he pick you up in?

A. Muddied blue pick up
B. Limo
C. Jeep
D. Red Suburban

Question 2:
What's he wearing?

A. Blue jeans, but no shirt (who could cover up muscles like those?)
B. Black button up
C. Redneck Couture tee
D. Plaid shirt

Question 3:
What kind of bouquet did he get you?

A. Beer Cans
B. Daisies
C. Tulips
D. Roses

Question 4:
Where does he take you for dinner?

A. The beach
B. His place for a candlelit meal that he's prepared
C. Karaoke bar 
D. The Mellow Mushroom Pizza Joint

Question 5:
What's he drinkin?

A. A shot of whiskey
B. Sweet tea
C. Beer
D. Rum and Coke

Question 6:
He wants to serenade you. What's he play?

A. Guitar. Amp and everything.
B. He sings, duh.
C. Drums
D. Acoustic Guitar

Question 7:
The evening has come to an end! What does he say to you to get a kiss goodnight?

A. "If you wanna then we're gonna girl. I hope you're gonna wanna tonight."
B. "Girl I know I don’t know you, but your pretty little eyes so blue, are pulling me in."
C. "Slide on over, let me hold you close and tell you everything I'm thinking."
D. "Hey, pretty girl, won't you look my way. Love's in the air tonight, bet you could make this ol' boy stay."

 Mostly As
Chase Rice!

(                       (

Mostly Bs
Luke Bryan ;)
(                                             (

Mostly Cs
Thomas Rhett

(                                   (

Mostly Ds
Kip Moore

(                                           (

Who did you get?!

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