Snack Like a Southerner: "White Trash Hotdogs" (Pigs in a Blanket)

My mom started calling Pigs in a Blanket "White Trash Hotdogs" a few Christmases ago when our oven broke just a few hours before we were going to have guests over for the big Christmas Eve bash. So, instead of using the oven, she was forced to use the toaster oven to make around 50 pigs in a blanket, white trash style.


Crescent roll dough tube
Nathan's Hot Dogs or cocktail wieners
*Cheez Whiz (optional)

Step One:
Slice and dice! Open up your dough tube and roll out the dough. Remove the precut slices from one another. Then cut each piece in half. (If you chose to use hotdogs instead of cocktail wieners: slice the hotdog lengthwise in half, then dice into half inch chunks or how ever large you prefer)

Step Two:
Place a hotdog onto a slice of dough. If you want to add cheese, do so along the top of the hotdog now. Roll.

Step Three:
Place them onto a cookie sheet (I like to put tin foil down and then spray it with PAM to make sure that my pans stay clean and the pigs don't burn.) and bake!

Step Four:
Let cool, serve with some honey mustard and enjoy! 


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