St. Patrick's Day Drinking Games

"This is much more than the Irish version of the popular “Quarters” game (where drunks try and bounce dirty coins into perfectly good glasses of alcohol). In this version, if you bounce your nickel into the glass you actually drink the nickel too. And in this case it pays to win, because if you hork it all up… you get enough change for another drink! Genius!"

Leprechaun Coin Treasure Hunt Game
This can be played by people of all ages. However, the 21+ version gets pretty intense. Hide plastic gold coins, or gold foil chocolate ones. Set a timer for five minutes. When the timer dings, gather all participants. The person with the least amount of coins collected (or anyone with 0) has to take a penalty. (Here's where some creativity comes into play, you can come up with penalties on the spot or even make a wheel or put penalties in a hat and they have to pick one out, etc.) Next, set a timer for 7 minutes. At the end of the 7 minutes, gather and the person with the least amount of coins pays a penalty. Repeat until all of the coins are found.

Shot Potato
All you need for this is a potato, some shot glasses, Irish Whiskey and some pals! Put on some jams, try out Pandora's Celtic station, and toss the potato to each other. The person that ends up with the potato at the end of the song, or if someone pauses the song, then that individual must take a shot.

Fisty Kisses
"Up to five people can play and the rules are real easy. Everyone applies a heavy coat of lipstick (men included) and drinks from a communal pitcher in a clockwise fashion. The last person to get the pitcher pretends to be angry and yells, “Hey! There’s lipstick on my glass! Who did this?!” The first person to laugh gets punched in the mouth. Socko!"

Contests have winners and losers and both can be pretty fun when booze is involved. Having contests with rewards and penalties makes the night just as interesting as a drinking game! Here are some suggestions:
"Who's the Greenest" (the person wearing the most green wins and is absolved from ONE penalty during a drinking game of his/her own choosing and may actually pass the penalty to someone else. The poor sap not wearing any green, or the least amount, must chug a beer and issue a public apology)
"Which Whiskey is Which?" (set up a line of shots and glasses full of assorted liquors and beers. Find contestants to taste each kind and attempt to identify the drink/brand. The person with the most guesses correct wins and goes home with a full bottle of Jack.)
"Get Jiggy Wit It" (this is most likely best to be played towards the end of the evening. Set up an Irish Jig contest!)

Please have fun and drink responsibly!


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