Behind The Brand: Interview with Founder Katrina

Katrina Bonetsky is the founder and CEO of the brand Redneck Couture. She was born April 10th, 1986 in Philipsburg, NJ. She lives in a beautiful home in Claymont, DE with her boyfriend, Rob, and pack of lovable dogs: Johnnie, Jackson and Julep--which she has trained to jump through hula hoops! In her spare time, she enjoys going to the shooting range (she's a pretty great shot too!) as well as doing flips and tricks of her own; for she is a talented gymnast. 

Katrina not only has a mind for style and business but she is also quite brilliant in science and arithmetic. She graduated from Rider University with degrees in biology and math. Katrina is a renaissance lady. She not only has built this company from the ground up, but she also has her hand in managing a few other startup companies at the moment as well. Besides the whole breathing life into this brand, Katrina also designs all of the clothing, manages the social media accounts as well as organizes, attends and runs all of the events that Redneck Couture vends at. She is quite a busy woman, but she made time to answer a few questions for us!

Q: Why did you decide to start a fashion brand?

A: I thought that there was a need for a higher end country inspired brand of clothing.   I designed Boot Bling thinking it was a one of a kind idea to find that there were a few other people who made it but I thought our designs were a bit fancier and it was something I thought that any girl with cowboy boots should have.


Q: What inspired Redneck Couture?

A: When the idea of Redneck Couture popped into my head, I thought it was a great name because it is an oxymoron, its funny yet completely descriptive of our brand.


Q: What is your favorite part about this brand? (The events, online sales, the clothes, etc.)

A: I really enjoy being apart of the design aspect of the clothing and the Boot Bling. I love picking the fabrics, images, and pieces that we use to produce all of our items.   Going to the events is really fun, we get opportunity to go to country concerts and other events, seeing the artists and meeting the people attending the events is really inspiring. People love the name Redneck Couture and are really excited about the product, it is great to hear their feedback in person.


Q: What are your plans for making the brand even bigger and better? Can we have some hints?

A: Developing new products is my biggest focus right now, after that we really want to get our brand known nation wide and we are focusing on spreading outside of the tri-state region.


Q: Do you design the clothes?

A: Yes, all the images used are hand picked and we are working on some new products that we produced starting with just a sketch.


Q: What is the most stressful part about your job?

A: Balancing the areas of the business. There is a lot to think about everyday, the orders, social media, customer service, developing new products, marketing, what to do next.


Q: What are your goals for the summer of 2015?

A: To get our product to as many areas as we can. We are currently developing strategies to get more recognition in the south.


Q: What does the term “fancy redneck” mean to you?

A: Haha, I think that redneck is usually used as a derogatory term but actual “rednecks” take pride in being called a redneck. There is nothing wrong with it, it is a way of life and everyone can be a little redneck, whether you are a true down and dirty cowgirl working on the ranch, you live in the beautiful countryside of the USA, or you just drive a truck, listen to country music, and enjoy a good bon fire… and just because your boots are dirty and doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be fancy! Put a little bling on your boot or belt buckle and you are a fancy redneck.


We are so excited for what's in store for Redneck Couture for 2015. Thanks again, Katrina!

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