DIY iPhone Case

This is super quick, cheap and easy to do. Yeah, could you go to etsy and buy some kitschy phone case for $12.99 plus $4.99 shipping? Sure. OR, you could make your own phone case for virtually nothing and change it as often as you like!

Step One:
Gather your supplies-
-clear phone case (on for $2.99 and FREE SHIPPING)
-paper with the design on it (you can use wrapping paper, a placemat from the dollar store, but I printed out a design on Epson Premium Luster Paper)

Step Two:
Trace your phone outline around the design. Cut it out.

Step Three:
Fit into phone case.

Done! Also, don't forget to cut out a little hole for the camera!

Take a selfie with your new phone case and tag us on your social media! You could be featured on our IG or Twitter or win some cool prizes! 

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