Spring Break!

Spring Break is supposed to be fun and a time to unwind and let loose, however it can all get pretty overwhelming. Check out these tips to help you out!


1. Research
Research the destination you want to go from best places to go for lodging, eats, drinks and fun! 

2. Come up with a transportation plan.
Are you going by plane, train, automobile or a combination of all of the above? Renting a car or road tripping there?

3. Travel in groups!
Traveling in packs means safety, fun and more often than not discounts. Also, if you go out with a group of friends, everyone that goes together, LEAVE TOGETHER. No one gets left behind. Jennifer, put your heels back on and your cell phone out of the bathroom sink, we're gonna go home.

4. Food.
Limit eating out to special occasions. When you first arrive at your destination, head to the grocery store to pick up food and snacks. Eating out can get expensive after the fourth or fifth time, also hotels love to gouge when it comes to the mini bar!

5. Drink responsibly or in the company of someone responsible.
Make sure to have a "designated sober." A DS is a designated driver, guide or caretaker. This individual is responsible for making sure his friends drink within their limits, get home safely and don't get into too much trouble. Keep an eye on your drinks too, lads and ladies alike. Also, while at bars purchase local brews - they're often cheaper and you get to experience a taste of the town!

6. Relax!

-Read magazines or the book you've been meaning to finish
-Go to a spa, or give yourself a home spa day! (do your nails, get a few ladies together for facials and manicures, take a long hot shower or bubble bath, pamper yourself!)
-Update and clean out your iTunes library
-Go shopping! (at www.redneckcouture.com to start!)
-Cook some new recipes

7. Head to a fun travel spot.

-Pacific Grove California (this fun location is a beach town with one of the largest aquariums in the world - Montery Bay Aquarium, playful sea otters, kayaking, tide pools, surfing, shops, the Cottage of Sweets, and Carmel-by-the-Sea full of fun!)

-East Coast Shores

-New Jersey Shores (From Wildwood or Ocean City to Atlantic City! The Jersey Shores are actually home to more than fist bumping reality star idiots such as beautiful beaches, boardwalks with shops, eats and games and more!)

-Maryland (Washington DC for museums and monuments)


-Asheville, North Carolina (near Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park, rich art culture, fun food, beautiful flowers and trees, funky galleries and plenty of shops!)

-Austin, Texas (amazing weather, Barton Springs pool, tubing, kayaking and delicious food with that southern hospitality.)


-Miami, Florida

-Disney World

-Road Trip! (check out our article on the best tips and tricks for your road trip.)

-Concerts or festivals

8. Soundtrack for your Spring Break!
Luke Bryan is famous for his Spring Break albums that he has been producing for seven years. This year will be his last Spring Break CD ever, so cherish it and jam out while you can! Also, create a fun spring break playlist full of old favorites and new tunes!

9. Student Discounts
Spring Break is important to any college student, but also most college students are super broke. However, your student ID is your way to discount after discount from everything to airfare to shopping to food! Check out these websites here, here, here, here, here and here to find out what you can get with your Student ID! Who says education doesn't pay?

10. Have fun and stay safe!
Check out this site as well as this spring break survival guide for some extra stay safe tips for your break! 


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