Get Inspired

1. Watch your favorite TV show.
2. Make a playlist with a theme: work out, get pumped, throwbacks, a specific year, a special someone, an artist, a "phase," etc.
3. Go to the craft store.
4. Write a bucket list.
5. Plan a vacation.
6. Plan a fancy party.
7. Clean out your closet.
8. Take a bubble bath.
9. Get your nails done.
10. Dye your hair.
11. Pintrest.
12. Etsy.
13. Storyboard a project-photography, movie, party, etc.
14. Go for a walk.
15. Drive around.
16. Make some food!
17. Go shopping.
18. Write in a journal.
19. Crafts.
20. Write a list of goals.
21. Sing your heart out in the shower.
22. Come up with an idea for a new movie.
23. Try a new TV show available on Netflix.
24. Create something! Just put pen to paper.
25. Browse concept photos.
26. Cast actors as characters in your story.
27. Exercise.
28. Make some tea.
29. RANT.
30. YouTube tutorials.
31. Do some new makeup.
32. Step outside of your comfort zone.
33. Find a craft to do every day for a month and document the experience.
34. Set deadlines.
35. Give yourself some space.
36. Click here.
37. Stumble aimlessly on StumbleUpon.
38. Road trip.
39. Read.


April 14, 2015 by Lexx Fusco
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