Gifts for Your Fancy Grad!

1. CASH.
Yes, it seems to be one of those "impersonal" gifts, but trust me any grad (high school or college) will definitely appreciate it and relieve some of the pressures of the future.

2. Gift Cards
Okay, again this may seem impersonal, but at the same time it allows the grad to be in control of what he/she receives in the respect of what he/she needs. Gas? Clothes? School supplies? Groceries? Furniture? Try these fine places for gift cards!

Pier 1
Redneck Couture
Old Navy
Best Buy
Gas Cards
Bath and Body Works
Bed, Bath and BEYOND
hh Greg
AMC or Regal
Barnes & Noble
Home Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods

3. Netflix Subscription

4. Costco or BJ's Membership

5. A Computer
Laptop, desktop or a tablet.

6. Cleaning Supplies
As much as this might make the grad moan and groan at the party, or even look at you with those eyes full of disappointment but a grin carved into his face, he will realize how much of an awesome gift this is when his dorm is the only one without mold and a charge at the end of the term of uncleanliness.
>Vacuum cleaner
>Toilet brush
>Air fresheners
>Dust pan
>Trash can

7. Cookbooks
Whether the grad is headed to college or to the real world, a cookbook with quick, easy and cheap recipes will be a lifesaver. Not only will he be eating healthier, but it'll save a huge chunk of change. These cookbooks seem pretty rad.
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
 (Buy It Here)

8. Keep the Power with CHARGERS!
>Portable chargers for the car
(Buy It Here)
>Wireless charger
(Info Here)
>Case charger
(Buy It Here)
>Extra laptop charger

9. Luggage
>Roller bag
>Back pack

10. Wallet
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)

11. Tumblers, Thermoses, Mugs Oh My!
These kids these days need to bring their coffee, soup and other liquids everywhere with them. Make sure that your grad has the portable drink ware he needs! Check out this site for more!
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy Them Here)

12. Stayin' Squeaky Clean
>Shampoo and conditioner sets
>Body wash
>Hand soap
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)

13. Towels
>Wash cloth

14. Laundry Stuff
>Fabric softener

15. Decor
>Wall art
>Knick knacks
>Throw pillows and blankets
(Buy It Here)
>Mounting squares and other hanging up supplies

16. Furniture
>Chairs (lounge, beanbag, desk, spinny)

17. "Fun" Tickets
>Concert/Music Festival
>Amusement Park

18. Something Totally Goofy, But Personal
(Plush Organs)
(Get It Together Guide Book)
(Insults and Comebacks)
(It's Gonna Be Okay, Pep Talk Book)
(Funny Mug)
(Custom Shot Glass)

19. Keepsakes
>Pictures (Shutterfly)
>Personalized items
(Buy It Here)

20. Jewelry
>Boot Bling

>Necklace or locket

21. Stationary

22. Piggybank
This is nice to keep coins in.
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)

23. Safe
This is nice to keep your stacks of bills, social security card and deep dark secrets in.
(Buy It Here)

24. Alarm clock
Make sure the grad knows not to just rely on the cellular phone for all of his needs.
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)

25. Microwave
(Buy It Here)

26. Coffee maker
(Buy It Here)

(Buy This Miracle Here)

28. Cookware
>Pots and pans
>Plates (paper too!)
>Bowls (paper too!)
>Cups (plastic too!)
>Silverware (plasticware too!)
>Cutting board
>Can opener

29. Earphones or headphones
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)

30. Slippers
(Buy Them Here)
(Buy Them Here)
(Buy Them Here)

31. Shower caddy
(Buy It Here)

32. Bed Stuff
>Pillow cases
>Mattress pad

33. External hard drive or USB flash drives
(Buy It Here)

34. Lanyard
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)

35. Shot glasses...sorry Mom
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)
(Buy It Here)

36. Power strips or extension cords

37. Speakers
(Buy It Here)

38. Printer and INK
(Buy It Here)

39. Bad Day Kit
Super useful for any kind of stressful or bad day and for anyone. Check out how to start making one here.

40. Camera

(Buy It Here)
**Costco actually has really great deals on cameras and equipment**
Point and Shoot

(Buy It Here)

41. Software
>Adobe Creative Cloud
>Microsoft Office

42. Cards Against Humanity
Crucial for the college social experience. This card game is so much fun and is a great way to make friends and keep Game Night interesting. Get the expansion packs if you can!
(Buy It Here)

43. Unstopables
Seriously. All of your needs are here. 


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