DIY: No Sew Beach Tote

Homey Oh My!

This beautiful no sew beach tote, originally posted on Homey Oh My, is the perfect summer accessory and project! Make sure to pick fun fabric to suit your tastes. When I took a shot at the bag I didn't use rope for the handles, but braided shreds of old t-shirts. Check out how Homey Oh My made this adorable tote!

Step One:
Gather your materials-
–Fabric (2 pieces that are 21×27″ each)
Unique Stitch (The magic maker.  This is my weapon of choice for no sew DIYs)
Grommet kit (1/2″ opening)
–Rope (6ft total, cut into 3ft pieces for each handle, 7/16″ in width)
Super Glue

Step Two:
"First, iron out the pieces of fabric.  The rest of the steps will be done to each of these pieces.  Fold back about one inch of the fabric on one of the sides that’s 27 inches long and iron it down.  Apply the Unique Stitch underneath the fold and glue it down, then glue the fabric pieces together face to face, making sure the edges that were previously folded and glued are matched up (this is the opening of the bag).  All three of the other edges should be glued together. Be sure to be generous with the glue."

Step Three:
"After letting the glue dry a bit, pinch each side of the  fabric at the bottom corners of the fabric and pull them apart to create a triangle.  Measuring 9 inches at the base of the triangle, fold the triangle over to the bottom of the bag and apply glue only under the point of the triangle just to keep it in place.  After doing this to both corners, flip the bag inside out while the glue is still wet, then reinforce the triangle folds by pressing them down.  This creates a flat base for the tote bag."

Step Four:
"Once here, lift up each triangle (the glue should still be wet) and apply glue all underneath it before pressing it down again to the bottom of the bag.  On the outside of the bag, shown in the bottom of the photo above, the base of the triangle is unattached from the bottom of the bag.  Apply glue in between here, press the fabric down from the inside of the bag, and let the glue dry.  Do this on both sides."

Step Five:
"Make two chalk marks about 9 inches apart and centered at the top of each side of the bag.  These marks are where you’ll be cutting holes into the fabric by hammering the cutter on top of the wood block."
"Next, all you do is hammer a grommet shut through each hole.  NOTE: The way I’m doing it in the photo is incorrect.  The side you hammer will be the back of the grommet, so you should set it up so that you’re hammering from the back side of the fabric, not the front like I’m doing in the photo.  The layers from bottom to top are the cutting block, grommet, fabric, washer, handle, and hammer."

Step Six:
"Finally (finally!) pull both ends of a 3 foot piece of rope through the grommets on one side of the bag and tie them into knots.  Repeat on the other side.  Apply super glue into all the crevices of each knot to secure them in place."

Thanks again, Homey Oh My for this awesome DIY!

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