DIY: Statement Jewelry

Here are a few statement jewelry ideas using some really cheap and fun stuff from the craft store and found objects around the house!


I found a broken faux pearl necklace in the bottom of my closet that I must have gotten when I was maybe 10. It was pretty small. So, I cut thin pieces of fabric and glued the strips to the clasp not only to make the necklace longer, but it gave it a rustic homemade look.



I bought a pack of ring bodies and stick half pearls for four dollars at Michael's Crafts. I then found an old charm from a broken pendant and a few pieces of old craft gems. A little hot glue and bam! You can make the perfect statement rings.

Making your own jewelry is fun, easy, not as expensive as one would think and it allows your personality to we worn on the outside too. What does your bling say about you?

Let us know! Post a photo of your homemade statement jewelry and tag us in it. You could be featured on our social media!

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