DIY: Memory Box Table

This memory box table idea was inspired by


Step One:
Gather your materials-
-a small table
-a deep picture frame (about an inch smaller on all sides than the table top
-mementos (photos, souvenirs, postcards, etc.)
-hot glue

Step Two:
Measure out the picture frame and the table to make sure it fits. Next, organize the photo frame with the mementos. Play around with the arrangement until it's how you like it. Take a photo of it for reference so when you take everything out to glue it in, you don't forget the image you're going for. Glue the mementos into the frame and cover it with the glass.

Step Three:
Wait until the mementos are set. Now, mount the picture frame to the table using hot glue (or some type of wet cement to insure security.) 

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