Make Your Home a Country Home

Layout Ideas

A Farm Table
These old fashioned, wooden tables are perfect not only for a rustic touch but for making sure that the whole family can sit together and enjoy a lovely, southern, home cooked meal.

Colorful Colors and Simple Whites
A pristine white kitchen can be nice, but a splash of color or burst of citrus is a perfect way to add a country living touch!

From an antique stove for that old home touch to the tea set that has been in your family for generations, keep the family spirit alive in the kitchen with something old!

A southern kitchen is ready for everything and anything from large gatherings to a simple Sunday dinner. Make sure your kitchen is stocked with plenty of cookware and utensils--and use 'em!

Keep lots of light coming into the kitchen. Also, opening the windows up in the summer time is a perfect way to spruce up any brunch.

Living Room:


Stacks of Books
We all enjoy a nice read or literary paper weight. Keep a stack of magazines and books available on your coffee table or by the sofa for your guests to use or admire.
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Antiques aren't just a nice life for the kitchen. Keep heirlooms and memories on display in the room where anyone can enjoy them.

Comfortable Couches
A comfy couch is a happy couch!

There are plenty of ways to preserve a memory and photographs happen to be one of the best ways. Check out these fun photo DIY projects to add some southern charm to your photos in the family room.

Man's Best Friend
A pet is a pretty important part of any country home.

Fresh Flowers For Fun
Keep fresh flowers in the room to keep the place smelling sweet and looking bright and beautiful.

Somethin' Sassy
Show your southern charm with a nice proverb or cute plaques.

The Yard

The Porch
Some consider this the defining feature for any southern inspired home.
Porch Swing and Rockers
For summer nights overlooking the yard, enjoying each other's company and a tall glass of sweet tea. Don't forget about fireflies for mood lighting!/

Tire Swing

Fire Pit

More Backyard Ideas Here

The most important part of any country or southern inspired home is that it is full of family and love. 


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