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Headed back to school or the regular work flow? Check out this guide! Whether you're looking for clothes, supplies, routines, or tips, this list should provide some guidance.


Need pencils, pens, folders, binders, erasers, staples, tape, staplers, envelopes, rubber bands, paper clips, Post It notes, desk caddies, planners, tab pages, labels, highlighters, White Out and all of that jazz? Go to these fine retailers and websites!



Dollar Tree

Office Max


Office Depot

Tip #1: Make a list! Going into one of these stores thinking you just need some Post Its and perhaps a box of tissues, but you'll get so caught in maybe you need glue sticks and cat food too!--even though you don't have a cat. Write up a list to keep you organized. Here's a couple of templates for you:

Tip #2: Coupons are your friend. I know it seems super silly to sit there with scissors and clip, but it will save you so much $$$$$. Go to the Dollar Tree and grab a Sunday paper, sit down with some nice tunes, and just go through and clip coupons for stuff on your checklist. Organize them in an envelope so they're ready to go at check out. Also, go to RetailMeNot! They have specific coupons for you and your shopping needs. 

Tip #3: Don't wait to go shopping. Everyone and their mother is going to be packed wall to wall in every Walmart and Target in the country from now until well into September--making supplies scarce and the experience very annoying. It also makes it less likely you'll snag sales and deals. Go shopping as soon as you can, when you can. Break it up if you have to.

Tip #4: Don't buy it just because you might need it. I have enough orange highlighters, #2 yellow pencils, and funky little erasers that any human should ever own or that I will need simply because I thought I would need them at the time when I was in the store because I was excited about buying supplies. Now, I may be the only person in the world that gets excited about that, but it's still a good tip.


Time to transition from flowy, loose and light summer clothes to a warmer, more breezy brisk friendly wardrobe. That means new clothes, accessories or closet clean outs/ups! These retailers and websites are the best for both in store and online shopping for all of your clothing needs.



Your local mall
A mall is like shopping online in real life, if that makes sense. You are surrounded by plenty of options that allow you to make all kinds of choices and expand your horizons.

Get some new shoes or boots...and don't forget to check out our new Boot Bling.

TJ Maxx

Charlotte Russe


27 Underrated Online Stores

Tip #1: Shop for you. When you are shopping for clothes or shoes or whatever, always keep in mind YOUR budget, YOUR style, YOUR comfort level, and YOUR body. Your wardrobe speaks to who you are and it will influence how you feel.

Tip #2: Sales! Check out your favorite retailers for semi-annual sales, door busters, or rewards sales.

Tip #3: Try something new.

Tip #4: Shop ahead. While it's still summer, you may be able to find winter apparel and fall apparel cheaper before the season starts.

Tip #5: Closet clean outs. Get together with your friends to help them organize their closets and do a bit of shopping in each other's closets.

Tip #6: Thrift shops are your friends. Also, a lot of retailers have a donation discount if you donate your old clothes.

Welcome Back to the Swing of Things

Switching over your wardrobe-
Make sure to reorganize your closet and drawers to be fall ready. Don't forget to store your clothes properly, so that you can find them easily next summer and they are still in a condition to wear!

End of the season yard sale-
Have a final summertime hurrah with a yard sale. Clean out your closet, kitchen and living room of clutter and sit out for one last nice sunny day. Get a few friends involved and make it a party or even a mini flea market.

New recipes-
Try some new dishes or change it up from summer to fall! Go to your local book store and peruse the recipe books ore go to for some really sensational seasonal snacks. 

Summer cleaning-
The tradition is normally spring cleaning, but summer cleaning isn't a bad idea either. You can open up all of the windows, let the house/apartment air out a bit and get some cleaning done nice and slow throughout the day. Starting out clean and tidy will make for organization a lot easier in the adjustment back to every day life.

If you're headed off to college or somewhere new, GET OFF THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW AND GO PACK YOUR STUFF. I know you're not done. Go. Now. Pack with some kind of strategy, but don't let it ruin your life. If you get a collection of people over--using the incentive of beer, pizza, tunes and good fun--it'll make the process a lot easier and enjoyable.

Finish up your summer wish list. 

We hope you had an amazing summer! Good luck this fall!

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