DIY: Happy Hay Mason Jar SCENTer Piece

It's cute, it's simple, it's cheap to make and it's smells so good!

Step One:
Gather your supplies.
-Mason jar
-Twine or hay
-Other "fall" themed objects (I got some pumpkins and leaves)
-Scented oil (found it at Walmart with the candles, this is sugar scented)
-Tea light candle (I got pumpkin pie scented)
-Shot glass or small candle holder
-Burlap ribbon
-Stickers for decoration

Step Two:
Fill that jar! Stuff the jar almost full of hay or twine. Get a butter knife or perhaps a long spoon to help really pack it in.

Step Three:
Splash on the scented oil. Pop the top of the oil and pour it into the jar of hay or twine. The twine will soak up the oil and allow it to emanate.

Step Four:
Top it off with the glass with the candle!

Step Five:
Decorate the outside with stickers and burlap. I spelled out AUTUMN in some fun glitter letters.


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