Fun Dates on a Budget

Whether you're saving up for the coming holiday season, a broke college student finding romance or simply in need of a fun idea this list has something for you and your SO or group of friends!

1. Actually Netflix and chill

Yeah, we know what the kids are really up to when it comes to the "Netflix and chill" date, but it's actually a great date idea. Set up a que with a theme: binge a few episodes of a new TV show you both wanted to watch, horror movies, enjoy a couple of episodes of each other's favorite TV shows, RomComs, "bad" movies, etc. Cuddle up with a blanket and an array of snacks and enjoy! You get to spend time close to each other, learn a lot about one anode there AND watch some entertaining stuff.

2. Bowling

3. Dine In
Find a great copy cat recipe online from your favorite restaurant and whip it up together in the kitchen. Enjoy your meal with a bottle of wine by candlelight.

4. Strip Poker

5. Target range
Challenge each other to a blast off! Go to the local shooting range and fire off some rounds.

6. Go on a hike.

7. Backyard camping
Set up a fire, some sleeping bags and tell scary stories to each other while gazing up at the stars.

8. Go fishing or hunting.

9. "Free" Day
Make a list of local events or places that have "free day" specials. A student ID helps too!

10. Whiskey or wine tasting

11. Quirky destination
Pick a funky or interesting destination whether it's the next town over or a classic tourist trap, jump in the car and make a day trip out of it. Don't forget to bring a camera!

12. Matinee movie

13. Pumpkin picking and carving
Though this one is a fall exclusive, it's still a lot of fun. Head to your local orchard, supermarket or even Walmart and pick out some pumpkins and carving tools. Create some fun and spooky pumpkins while you listen to some nice music and share a couple of beers.

14. Go for a hike.

15. Go on a picnic.
Pack a nice lunch and enjoy the outdoors. Check out this article for the perfect picnic ideas.

16. Build a blanket fort.

17. Bartending
Go out and take a bar tending class or stay at home and mix some fun new drinks for each other and a few friends.

18. Karaoke

19. City wandering
Wander around your local city or head out to somewhere big and exciting. Walk around for the day taking photos, shopping, dining and people watching.

20. Horseback riding

21. At home spa night
Give each other nice full body massages after a steamy bubble bath. Then relax with a bottle of wine listening to soft music and enjoying some burning incense and candles.

22. Flea market exploring

23. Build something together
Find a cute, easy, practical and fun project. Build it!

24. Rollerblading

25. Go to a concert


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