10 Household Hacks

1. Keep your plugs organized and ready to go using binder clips attached to the edge of your desk.
Then, keep them organized by labeling them with bread clips. 

2. Want to have company over but the house smells a bit stuffy and you don't have time to go grab some Febreeze? Preheat the oven to 360. On a baking sheet, place a sheet of aluminum foil and spill some extract on it--vanilla, banana and coconut are the best. Place in the oven with the door cracked for about fifteen minutes. The house will smell like you're baking something sweet! Even just leaving a cap full of it in the kitchen in a small dish adds a bit of scent to a room.

3. Store your shopping bags in tissue boxes in order to make them easily accessible as well as tidy!

4. Use a wine box to sort your shoes, and hang your boots up using extra pants hangers.

5. Use a binder clip to stack bottles in your refrigerator for space saving.

6. Utilize all of your closet space with shower curtain rings. Go to Dollar Tree and pick up a pack. Attach the curtain rings to a hangar and fold straps of tank tops on them.

6. Making your bed every day will actually entice you to go to sleep.

7. Turn plush bathmats into pillows.

8. Microwaving your sponge will kill almost all of the bacteria growing on it. Not only will it keep it clean, but will make the sponge last longer!

9. You probably haven't thought about cleaning your washing machine, considering its function, but have you ever noticed that sometimes there's a distinct smell in there? Clean your machine with some hot water and bleach! If you have a face front washing machine, drench a couple of clean towels in bleach and fabric softener and turn on the machine to get it clean.

10. Cleaning your pillows will make them look, feel and smell like new! Click here to find out how. 

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