Holiday Hacks: Cyber Monday

1. Online rewards and sales

When you're shopping at your favorite stores online, see if they have special promos going on. For example, Redneck Couture's Cyber Monday Sale offers a promo code for when you spend $50 on Cyber Monday you get a $20 gift card!

2. Support smaller shops

Yeah, shop Best Buy, Amazon and Macy's but don't forget Etsy and smaller independent shops!

3. Cafe Press and Zazzle

Create your own awesome gifts. Giving a personal touch to your gifts makes them more special. Check out these sites for their Cyber Monday sale offers!

4. RetailMeNot

Check RetailMeNot for online sales!

5. Trust?

Make sure the sites you are using are reliable. Some websites lead you to links that ask for more than just your credit card information. Shop familiar.

6. Wishlists

Plenty of websites offer a wishlist option. Keep one for yourself and send it out, but don't forget to ask people for theirs!

7. Shopping and Shipping

Ship gifts to a location other than your house if you're worried about wandering eyes! Shipping orders to your work place, friend's house or neighbor's can work wonders.

8. Amazon Prime


November 23, 2015 by Amy McKeever
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