Long Distance Living

Living far away from home is hard; whether you're literally states away from your physical house, or find yourself far, far away from your friends and family all alone in a new town, it's hard at first. Here are some tips and tricks to making the move work!

1. Make your place a Home

Bedazzle your space to make it a place you want to return to after you're out and about. Hang up posters, get comfortable furniture, spray a familiar scent, display photos and more. 

-Get Cozy
Purchase or find comfortable furniture that you can snuggle into after a long day. Throw blankets, pillows and carpets are also a plus.

Making memories is an important part of any home. Make sure that you start making memories with old ones. Find creative ways to display photos, or perhaps just keep them accessible to you for when you get homesick.

-Knick Knacks
Sometimes it's just nice to have fun knick knacks around to remind you that this is your place and it reflects who you are and how you feel. Perhaps get some things that have nostalgia value--new or hand me down!

2. Skype, FaceTime, Text, Call, Carrier Pigeon

Staying in touch can be really hard when you move to a new place--especially when time zones are a factor. However, it's important that you keep in touch with your friends and family because you might start to feel detached or disconnected. Connect with your peeps over social media, calling them, shooting a text and setting up Skype dates. Also, sending cards and letters will make anyone feel special. If you or someone you care about is moving far away, send him or her a letter or card--that way that person knows you are thinking about them!

3. Holiday Blues

Holidays far away and on your own are even more of a bummer than usual. However, in this day and age there are plenty of ways to be two places at once. Set up a Skype call and enjoy a two way dinner with the family. Be sure to send gifts in the mail. Purchase your travel tickets and plans well in advance and set a countdown! Keep traditions alive in your new place. (For example, I'm on the other side of the country, but the day after Thanksgiving I'm still putting my tree up while listening to Johnny Mathis as my family has done since I was born)

4. Nostalgia 

What takes you right back home? Is it a smell? Taste? Song? Photo? Keep it close! Whether it's Dad's cologne, your teddy bear that you got when you were three, or that embarrassing photo from Thanksgiving 2003, keep nostalgia within reach. Ask your parents, family or friends to send care packages with stuff from your town. (For example, if someone could deliver a Super Wawa to Los Angeles, that would be rad.)

5. Preoccupy and Get Comfortable

Immerse yourself in your new life and area. Whether it's getting caught up in your work or schooling, exploring your new town, or making new friends, make sure to get really into it. Preoccupying yourself with work and new things might take your mind off homesickness. Get a routine down.

6. Keep Creative

Give yourself an expressive project as often as you can!

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