Holiday Hacks: Thanksgiving Dinner


1. Keep it Simple

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Thanksgiving is about coming together as a family and enjoying good food, company and booze. 

2. Pot Luck

First Thanksgiving at your house? On a budget this year? Want to get everyone involved? Try a pot luck Thanksgiving! Assign dishes to family members or friends, or let it be an open invitation. This cuts down on costs, dishes and frustration, but ups the fun!

3. When in Doubt, Throw It Out

If you can buy it disposable, do so. Thanksgiving might be the yummiest holiday, but it's also the messiest. You'll be doing dishes until Christmas. Get disposable! Plasticware, paper plates, aluminum foil cooking dishes, etc.

4. Assign Jobs

Thanksgiving is a team effort. Give everyone a job that way the holiday can go smoothly and quick! Possible jobs include: 
-cutting/prepping vegetables
-sweeping/mopping, vacuuming floors
-set the table

5. Lay Down Plastic

Put down some plastic tarps or even a disposable tablecloths from Dollar Tree on the floors in the kitchen and dining area. This will cut down majorly in messes and cleaning up.

6. Trash Management

Put out bins or bags. Make it super easy to throw trash away, that way no one will just leave trash around.

7. Food Shopping

Don't go shopping the day of or night before, but if you find yourself in such a situation, make sure you have a game plan as well as time. Keep your eyes on Weekly Ads and coupons for your local grocery stores. Check out bulk stores like Costco and Sam's Club. WRITE A SHOPPING LIST. 

8. Special Dishes

Dietary restrictions seem to be very prevalent in this day and age. Check out with family members to be aware of any new diets such as Uncle John's gluten intolerance due to Gout or Becky, Jason's new girlfriend, the vegan. There are actually plenty of recipes and ideas online for every restriction, allergy or fad diet for this time of year!

9. Leftovers

Check out recipes online to see how you can utilize your left overs to keep your kitchen stocked for a while!

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