Blushing Belle: The Wedding Guests

5 Things To Consider When Writing Your Guest List

1. Write down the "dream list" and work backwards.

First thing, write down absolutely everyone and their mother that you would want at your wedding, and total it up. You could have a ballpark number anywhere from 60 to 600 people at the end of this. I suggest utilizing an Excel sheet, for it helps with the math BIG TIME. (BOOM BONUS CONSIDERATION!). This dream list will be a tangible list to work off of so you can't accidentally forget to invite Aunt Margret or something like that. However, you can tell from your budget how many people you can accommodate or not. Work backwards from here. After you write down your dream list, consult your parents--especially if they are paying for the wedding in any capacity. They will want to have some say in people that come to the event. Not everyone on the list will be able to go, so the list will shrink naturally. Then you can cross off as you go.


2. There will be guests there that you don't like.

Kind of screwed up right? Well, so are people. There are inevitably going to be guests at your wedding you wouldn't even share the same oxygen with if you had the chance, but they are going to be there because they are important to someone you love, or were a big part of your life, or they're great at first--but it's just when they start to drink or eat enough shrimp or "Gingham Style" comes on, they become absolutely insufferable. When you are creating your final guest list, the best option you have is to mark these people down. That way you'll be able to know for sure whether or not you'll have some kind of headache at your wedding. You also have to remember that there are plenty of people that are going to try and ruing your day, but you have to simply remember that it is YOUR day.


3. Kids or no kids?

There are only about 13 things worse than a screaming infant in the middle of trying to say your vows to your future spouse. When you are planning your wedding, consider how many children will have to come, how old those children will be, etc. Do you want kids there? If so, what kind of environment are you presenting for them? Kids can complicate things, but they are still a part of the family. However, it is just something that you may want to think about when coming up with the guest list.




4. Don't forget the entertainment/vendors.

Some vendors and entertainment individuals should be considered on the guest list for food costs. For some venues, the venue charges per head for food. If you do not include your photographer, DJ, and any other vendors you might know that will be participating in the reception for the whole time, then they may not be fed--which would really be NOT cool. Be sure to keep track of how many vendors you will have at the wedding/reception in order to prepare accordingly.


5. Pick a seat, not a side--unless you're going to kill each other.

The beauty of wedding planning is that you have the opportunity to control a lot of things. Remember earlier when I mentioned the fact that there are going to be dumb people at your wedding? Well, sometimes people only get dumb around other people--so separate them. If you know your Uncle Tony doesn't get along with his Aunt Lydia, then seat them as far away from each other as possible. There are going to be a ton of people at the wedding, make sure the tables make sense. The key to great tables, is allowing for at least three people at a table of seven to know each other really well, at least five people kind of know the others, and everyone can basically pick the others out of a line up if they had to.

6. Who and how many do you want?

You and your spouse get to decide how large or small you want your wedding to be. You get to pick the size of your wedding parties, if you want to do a 10 person courthouse wedding, or a 400 person gala. At the end of the day, the guest list comes down to your preference, budget and mind.


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