Redneck Couture Saved Big Rob's Christmas: BREAKDOWN

By Lexx Fusco @SimplyEvryThing


If you haven't yet checked out the jolly music video by Big Rob, watch now!


Pretty neat right?

Well, let's break it down to see how Redneck Couture turned out to be the Rudolph of the year.


First, Big Rob finds himself in a bit of a pickle when he presents his girl with a Beer Can Tree...

This is the face that says "This was the best idea ever...when I was emptying the beer cans to make the tree..."


His gal was not impressed.


So he tries again! With 2 Flannel Shirts, but the cutest top in the shot happens to be the one she is already wearing. Sorry, Big Rob!

Perhaps 3 Plastic Pink Flamingos will do the trick?

 The look of love.


 But look at that hot tank...

Big Rob got really excited about his 4 Giant Tires:

We were much more pumped for this super cute vest:

But, Big Rob finally found the perfect gift for his girl at


*please accessorize responsibly.


We want to give a big thanks to the talented Big Rob Snyder for putting together this wonderful video and song. 

Have a safe and happy holiday, y'all!

Take a few pics of you and your family opening up Redneck Couture this holiday and tag us! You can be featured on our social media!

Redneck Couture saves Big Rob's Redneck Christmas

Big Rob didn't know what to get his lady for Christmas... Luckily we were able to help him out.