Boots Do's and Don’ts

Boots Do's and Don’ts



DO: Pay the right price.

            Don’t sell your soul for a pair of boots, but don’t cheap out either. Buy a pair of boots that will last.


DON’T: Buy trends

            Don’t blow a whole bunch of money on a boot that you are going to wear maybe three times simply because it’s the “hottest thing right now.”


DO: Know your boot

            Know what kind of bot you are wearing: style, material, heel, etc. Don’t worry too much about brand, but knowing your boot is important not only for fashion, but for care. Taller boots should be worn with pants/leggings tucked into the boot, while a short boot can be worn either way. Know the material and how the material reacts to conditions such as mud, rain, snow, line dancing, etc.


DON’T: Mismatch

            A dark boot may be applicable with a variety of outfits; but make sure your boots and your whole outfit communicate well.


DO: Get a boot that reflects you.


DON’T: Wear a skirt with a hemline that covers the tops of taller boots, but stops a few inches above your ankle. It looks like your boots are pants.


DO: The Equestrian Style

            A tall pair of boots with jeans tucked in.


DON’T: Let the boots dictate your whole wardrobe.


DO: Pairs for the “Any” occasion

            Purchase 1-2 pairs of neutral boots to be worn every day or for a special occasion.


DON’T: Brand shop

            Sometimes a name just adds to the price, but not the quality of the boot.


DON’T: Wear a boot you cannot walk in.


DO: Boot Bling

            Not to toot our own horn, but Boot Bling is actually not only practical but really expressive. It can bring to life any pair of boots and it definitely catches eyes.