Stuff To Get the Fancy Redneck On Your Nice List

1. Redneck Couture

Okay, so here's some self promotion, but seriously...we are the fanciest of fancy redneck apparel. Get a pair or two of Boot Bling, some rad tanks and tees or a cozy cardigan to keep you warm this holiday season! Redneck Couture is a small business that is designed, made and shipped from the US. Shipping is always free and satisfaction is guaranteed!

2._____ of the Month Club

Gift cards are an excellent gift to give to the person who is super difficult to shop for, but a subscription to a month club is a gift that keeps on giving and allows someone the opportunity to try new things that you know he or she will enjoy! 

Search for the Perfect Month Club

Craft Beer Club

Cheese of the Month Club

Variety of the Month Club

3. Concert Tickets

Give the gift of music and a rad time this holiday season and purchase tickets for the country music junkie in your life! Check out tour dates, purchase a couple of tickets and wrap them up with a CD from the artist.
Country Concerts 2016
Country Music Festivals 2016


4. DIY Gifts 

Create something cute, sweet, simple, fun, expensive, ridiculous or original! There are plenty of incredible DIY gifts to give this holiday season and are perfect for everyone on your list from significant others, family, friends, to neighbors and coworkers!
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Adult Hot Chocolate Kit
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50+ Inexpensive Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

5. Cash

Yes, it seems to be one of those "impersonal" gifts, but trust me anyone would be happy to open a big box of green this holiday season. 

6. Gift Cards

(pelicanweb) Okay, again this may seem impersonal, but at the same time it allows the grad to be in control of what he/she receives in the respect of what he/she needs. Gas? Clothes? School supplies? Groceries? Furniture? Try these fine places for gift cards!
Pier 1
Redneck Couture
Old Navy
Best Buy
Gas Cards
Bath and Body Works
Bed, Bath and BEYOND
hh Greg
AMC or Regal
Barnes & Noble
Home Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods

7. Streaming Subscription

Binge watching TV shows may be a New Years' resolution, so give the gift of entertainment with a Netflix, Amazon or Hulu subscription.

8. Chargers

Keep the techy redneck happy with chargers! 
>Portable chargers for the car
(Buy It Here)
>Wireless charger
(Info Here)
>Case charger
(Buy It Here)

9. Shotglasses, Drinkware and Boozy Accessories

Funny Flasks
Check out our other gift guides here, here, here, here and here for more ideas and suggestions! Have a happy holiday!

Holiday Hoedown Part 2: Themes and Decorations

Classic Holiday

Your good old fashioned holiday gathering with friends, family, food and fun. Keep it simple and sweet. Adorn the tree with lights and decorations, get some festive plates, put on a classic holiday playlist and enjoy each others' company until it's time to leave! 

Giant Holly

Snowman Place Setting

Paper Christmas Tree

Classic Christmas Decorating Ideas

21 Christmas Decorating Traditions Worth Keeping

Plaid Party

Plaid and Flannel from fashion to decor to tablecloths! Bring a splash of country to your holiday party and theme it with plaid. Ask guests to wear their fanciest flannels and plaid attire and decorate your place with some snazzy stripes.

Plaid Tree

A Plaid Country Christmas

Plaid Reindeer

Ugly Sweater

Dawn your ugliest, comfiest holiday sweater and bring your pals over for a few beers and a wonderful time! Host an ugliest sweater contest, or even gather around to make your own ugly  sweaters!

10 Tips for Throwing an Ugly Sweater Party

50 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

Ornament Party

Run to Michael's Crafts or your local Dollar Tree and pick up supplies to make the ultimate Christmas ornaments! Invite your friends over for crafts and cheer, make festive memories and more!

23 Homemade Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornaments

25+ DIY Christmas Ornaments

Winter Wonderland

Whether the weather outside is frightful or it's very much delightful, turn your place into a winter wonderland to cozy up with your friends! Splashes of white, fake snow and hot cocoa are perfect to make your house merry and bright for your Winter Wonderland gathering.

Homemade Hot Chocolate 3 Ways

Cotton Ball Snow

Banister Sledding Penguins

Snowman Door

10 Party Themes to Try This Season

DIY: Wine Glass Snowglobe and Candle Holder


Step One:
Gather your materials-
-Wine glass (clear or decorated)
-White glitter paper
-White puff balls (3 different sizes)
-Hot glue
-Hot glue gun
-Metal lid
-Tea light candle

Step Two:
Trace the lip of the wine glass on the BACK of the glitter paper. If you can, use an expo marker or washable marker that way you can wipe off any ink that gets on the wine glass. This piece of paper will be your base for your snow globe.

Step Three:
Plug your glue gun in and let it get hot. While you're waiting for the glue gun, figure out how you want to arrange your display. Now, if you're just doing a snowman with the three puff balls, it's not going to be rocket science. However, if you find yourself with some more props or items, arrange them accordingly. Glue them on.

Step Four:
Make a ring of glue on the paper and place the glass on top. Press gently together.

Step Five:
Glue lid lip up on the "top" of the glass. Place the tea light candle in the middle of the lid and done! 

This makes for a fun gift and an easy DIY to do with the family!

DIY: Mason Jar Cocktails

Step One:
Gather your materials-
-Mason Jar
-"Slim" soda can
-Mini liquor bottle

Step Two:
Place the soda can in the mason car. Now, you can put some tissue paper or stuff on the bottom if you'd like.

Step Three:
Tie ribbon around neck of bottle of liquor.

Step Four:
Wrap ribbon around lip of jar and screw on the lid to keep in place.

This makes for the perfect gift! Mix and match mixers. Take a photo of your rad December DIY and don't forget to tag us on IG @redneckcouture! 

DIY: Glitter Deer Head Decal Gift

Glitter Deer

Step One:
Gather your materials
-Cardstock deer head template (download found here)
-Canvas (any size, but this one is 12"x16")
-Gold glitter
-Small bottle of black gloss acrylic paint
-Large paintbrush
-Small paintbrush
-Liquid gold marker or pen
-Blue painter's tape
-Elmer's glue
-Clear enamel spray or hair spray

Step Two:
"I printed out the deer head then enlarged it by 20% on my printer/copier onto two sheets of cardstock.  Taped them together and cut out the silhouette (you can leave it an on an 8×10 if you want I just wanted mine a little larger)"

Step Three:
I marked off 2″ wide stripes on the canvas with a pencil and the yardstick (just divide evenly based on the size of your canvas)"

Step Four:
"Use blue painter’s tape to mask off the stripes you don’t want paint on.  Wrap the tape around the sides to the back so you can paint the edges too.  Once the blue tape is on, paint the black gloss paint on the alternating stripes.  Allow to dry.  Then remove the painter’s tape."

Step Five:
"Place the deer head cutout on top of the canvas and trace with a pencil."

Step Six:
"Once you have traced the whole template, remove and go over the pencil with the liquid gold marker.  This is a huge step a lot of the tutorials skipped, but I think it’s so important.  It’s hard to get clean edges with the glue so the gold marker will give you a perfect outline."

Step Seven:
"Use a combination of your large and small paint brush to fill in the outline generously with white glue.  The thicker you put the glue the more dimensional it looks.  Try to stay slightly within the gold outline so the edges stay crisp."

Step Eight:
"Dump on the glitter and let it set for about a minute.  When done shake off into a paper grocery bag (so you can pour the excess back into the container).  If there are any spotty areas you can touch them up with glue and glitter.  I also used a dry paintbrush and brushed away any glitter that fell outside the lines.  When done give a light coat of enamel spray or hairspray to keep the glitter in place."

Advent Calendar Ideas

Counting down the most wonderful time of the year is an incredibly fun part of the holiday season. Check out these fun advent calendar ideas!

1. Old Fashion Sweetness

You can find a chocolate/candy advent calendar anywhere for anything from $1.00 to $30.00. 

2. Name Brand

Specific establishments sell advent calendars that target their brand/products. Know a Starbucks junkie? They have an advent calendar! 

3. DIY Advent Calendars

Create your own DIY calendar to complete yourself, with your family/friends, or to gift to others!

Random Acts of Kindness Calendar
Fill this cute DIY toilet paper roll Advent Calendar with random acts of kindness to do every day until Christmas!
"Donate to a toy drive."
"Compliment someone new."
"Call someone you haven't talked to in a while."
"Volunteer at a gift wrapping station."
"Donate blankets to ASPCA."
"Help put up decorations."
"Donate food to your local shelter."
"Bake cookies for the office/school."

Movie Calendar
Create a simple advent calendar with gift tags that look like movie tickets. On each ticket write the title of the movie you want to watch. Mix it up with holiday classics, new specials, TV shows and more.
"Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
"How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
"A Charlie Brown Christmas"
"A Country Christmas"
"It's a Wonderful Life"
"Miracle on 34th Street"
"A Christmas Carol"

A Mystery Advent Calendar
This one is fun to do with a spouse or your family. Hide a present in the house and let the players get one hint a day so that they can find it. 

Mini Gifts
Create this super cute calendar using recycled jewelry boxes (or you can scoop up a pack of assorted sizes at Dollar Tree) and fill them with a mini gift to treat yourself or someone special to.

Activity Calendar
There are plenty of different advent calendars you can make for this one. The idea is to do something new every day. You can go about this by theme.
"Drink cocoa"
"Go sledding"
"Watch a holiday movie"
"Build a gingerbread house"
"Make a new ornament for the tree"
"Bake cookies"
"Wrap a present"
"Open a present"
"Wrap presents"
"Send out holiday cards"
"Make dip for Christmas Eve party"
25 Writing Prompts ("3 page short story about an elf", "haiku with the word reindeer included", "write all of the words that remind you of Christmas")
25 Holiday DIY Presents
25 Ornaments
25 Renovations for Around the House

Check out these other awesome lists for more advent calendar ideas!
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33 Clever and Adorable Advent Calendars from Buzzfeed
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100 Advent Calendar Activities

Let the countdown begin! 

DIY: Reversible Fall to Winter Decoration

Reversible Fall to Winter Blocks

Step One:
Gather your materials
-Blocks of wood cut from a 2x4
   2 7in blocks
   2 6in blocks
   2 5in blocks
-1 7in 2x3 block of wood 
-Wood stain (optional)
-Modge Podge
-Paint (you will then need brushes and stencils)
-Wrapping Paper/Decorative Paper
-Cut out words or letters

Step Two:
Make sure your blocks are sanded, and if you wish to stain them, stain them.

Step Three:
Design your blocks! Come up with your word or phrase to match the blocks.
Give Thanks/Jingle Bells
Thank You/Santa's Cookies
Hello Autumn/Hello Winter
Family Time/Santa's Helper
You can also do shorter words and phrases and incorporate images onto your blocks.

Step Three:
Organize them and switch them over!