Interview with Redneck Don

1. Who is "Redneck Don"? What inspired the "character?" Where are you from?

"Who is "Redneck Don"? Redneck Don is me just a little bit more amplified. Just like me, He loves animals, he loves beer, he loves America, he loves to make people laugh and think, and good country music. He's like a beer drinking camouflage wearing redneck Captain America! He's able to say the things that I Think other people would like to say but for whatever reason don't so that's why I think Folks can relate to him. I'm from Macon, Georgia and I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest"


2. When did you start using social media? How did it feel to get pretty major?

"I've used social media off and on for quite a while. At the animal shelter I work at, I am the mediaman and handle all social media accounts. Since coming up with the character, I'm on it a lot more now. The more people like what I'm doing the more I'm on their. I Tell the folks all the time as long as I'm getting a laugh or get one person to think I'll keep doing what I'm doing, once that stops I stop. [As for being major] I don't know I don't consider myself pretty major I'm just having fun doing my thing."


3. What is "Howling with Don" on the Angel Mary & Tennessee Werewolves?

""AMTWs Howling With Redneck Don" is a weekly video I do for Angel Mary in the Tennessee werewolves. It's a little bit of redneck/country wisdom some history on me some life occurrences and the way Redneck Don sees things. Toss in some cold beer and some laughs and you got howling with Redneck Don."

Check out his videos here: Howling With Redneck Don

4. Do you perform in real life as well in any capacity? (stand up comedy, acting, modeling, etc.)

"I used to perform a lot a lot of open mics and MC type things. Now my performance is just my daily life I make folks laugh at the animal shelter or at Walmart or at the beer store. The long-term goal with Angel Mary and the Tennessee werewolves is to open up for them and do shows with them. They saw something in me and have encouraged it, and are promoting me too."


5. What kind of music do your listen to? Who are your favorite artists?

"I love country music and southern rock. I'm a traditional country music fan I love Waylon Jennings,Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard,Moe Bandy Joe Stampley, Hank Sr, CW McCall etc. some of the newer artist I enjoy listening to are Justin Moore, Jamey Johnson, Eric Church, Ryan Bingham, Hank Williams the third, and Toby Keith."

6. What is your definition of "comfortable?" Redneck Couture is a brand that wants to be both fashionable and comfy. IE you can look fabulous and go for a roll in the mud.

"Comfort to me is something that makes you walk like Clint Eastwood or feel as big as John Wayne. Comfort is individual, some folks are comfortable in suits and ties not me!! Give me a pair of broken bluejeans or pair overalls sleeveless T-shirt or camouflage anything and I've got my Clint Eastwood on!"


7. A lot of your videos are not only very funny, but they're pretty inspiration in their own ways (whether it inspires a laugh to get through the day or a call to action). What is your favorite bit of advice you have received?

"My favorite bit of advice comes from my grandpa he always said "sweep your own porch first then worry about others" I think the world of be a lot better off if folks swept their own porch."

8. What is the ultimate piece of advice that you have given?

"The best advice I think I've ever given is how I close out all of my Howling with Redneck Don episodes and my live broadcasts "be kind to women be kind to children be kind to the elderly and be kind to animals y'all because that is the right thing to do.""

"I truly love making people laugh and making a difference that's why I work full-time in animal rescue and I'm such an advocate for animals. I Like to be that non-stereo typical redneck.folks look at rednecks and think they're ignorant they're racist or chauvinistic, have no respect for animals. And I just like to show that you can't judge a book by its cover. I mean hell I drive a big jacked up truck with The rebel flag flying off the back antlers on the headache rack and there's usually always a Chihuahua in my front seat next my pitbull! I just love blowing people's minds like that!"


Thank you so much, Redneck Don, for these awesome insights.

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Redneck Texts From Last Night

Texts from last night from an anonymous redneck near you! 

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(561): "I just fell out of my doorway to go to class so if that doesn't describe how my night went idk what will"

(479): "he just used a semi colon in the middle of a sext"

(608): "First thing I find in the car I just pick up from my grandpa? A discount card for the strip club down the road from his apartment. The force is still strong."

(456): "It's days like today, when my bra and underwear match, that make me feel I'm getting my life together."

(630): "I showed him my machete and then we made out in the kitchen."

(316): "I swear every time I see him he's either dancing or trying to touch people."

(308): "The more I drank he just got hotter and hotter. And then the mustache didn't look too bad."

(314) "I swear to the sweet baby jesus I didn't fill your freezer with salsa and my little pony toys, but I didn't stop them either."

(781): "I'm at the bass pro shop. They have a river full of trout and turtles, a shooting range, a full bar and the patriots cheerleaders are here. I now understand why people are rednecks. I may never leave."

(256): "A stripper just got mad at me for saying goddammit. She's in no position to lecture me on morality."

(214): "She is making me post-sex grilled cheese at 2am wearing only shorts and cowboy boots. I am so in love"

(205): "It's a lot easier to hide alcohol when you're wearing a toga."
(256): "everything's easier when you're wearing a toga."

(337): "My backyard is filled with beer cans. You idiots turned our backyard into a redneck ball-pit."

(615): "We broke up in downtown Nashville with drunken blow up penis waving bachelorette parties walking by. For some reason, I can see this ending up as a country music video."

(256): "You know who really doesn't like surprise in-your-face air guitar solos? Strangers."

(703): "He's the stereotypical redneck. He tried to go kayaking during a storm and almost got into a fight when a park ranger tried to stop him."

(770): "The difference between what I would do for a regular Klondike bar and an Oreo flavored Klondike bar is astounding."

(501): "I should probably drink beer instead of rum today so I don't end up naked in living room while I still have guests."

(770): "So you know that marine I slept with, well his girlfriend told me I was pretty, I almost feel bad for sleeping with him now..."
(404): "Don't! You were just serving your country"

(925): "Woman walking into toby keith concert: 8 months pregnant, black eye, shirt on that has a picture of a boot and the words 'we'll put a boot up your ass' with an American flag printed over--the sleeves were ripped off and she had a camo cowboy hat. Greatest thing I've ever seen."