Cowboy Casanova

Cowboy Casanova: 15 Signs You’re a Southern Gentleman


  1. You probably have facial hair, or a permanent case of 5 o’clock shadow.
  2. You love and respect your momma.
  3. You have two styles:

            Ragged cap, mud spattered denim, and optional shirt or plaid flannel

            Dapper as Hell: bowtie, sport coat and a bright smile

  1. You work hard no matter the work, time, situation, or stakes.
  2. When it comes to treating a lady, you do it with the utmost respect and admiration. You pick up the tab, laugh at her jokes, walk her to her door, shake her dad’s hand with a firm grip, compliment her mother’s house and wait for the goodbye kiss. Ladies know a cowboy rides better.
  3. You try not to cuss in front of women-especially your mother-but around the boys your mouth is fouler than the barn floor.
  4. You have a respectable handshake and the manners to match, “yes, ma’am and sir.”
  5. Your manners are impeccable and of an old fashion.
  6. A coke and bourbon/whiskey is just as sweet as ice tea for you.
  7. You’re very passionate and perhaps so much so that it often leads you to be a bit hot headed and stubborn.
  8. You enjoy your guns and cleaning them.
  9. You have a great appetite and an appreciation for home cooked meals.
  10. You don’t look for a fight, but if you absolutely needed to, you could finish one pretty damn fast.
  11. Your curiosity gets you into some serious trouble but also a lot of fun.
  12. Your truck was your first love.