DIY: Chalkboard Picture Frame


Step One:
Gather materials-
-Vintage picture frame
-Chalkboard paint
-Paint brushes
-Old newspaper
-2 cups of water 

Step One:
Place news papers down on your surface so you don't get paint everywhere.

Step Two:
Paint the inside of your frame with the CHALKBOARD paint. (if you can separate the back from the frame, you can do the next step in one step!) Let dry.

Step Three:
Once the chalkboard paint is dry, place a piece of newspaper over it. Paint the frame a fun color. Let dry.



DIY: Glitter Deer Head Decal Gift

Glitter Deer

Step One:
Gather your materials
-Cardstock deer head template (download found here)
-Canvas (any size, but this one is 12"x16")
-Gold glitter
-Small bottle of black gloss acrylic paint
-Large paintbrush
-Small paintbrush
-Liquid gold marker or pen
-Blue painter's tape
-Elmer's glue
-Clear enamel spray or hair spray

Step Two:
"I printed out the deer head then enlarged it by 20% on my printer/copier onto two sheets of cardstock.  Taped them together and cut out the silhouette (you can leave it an on an 8×10 if you want I just wanted mine a little larger)"

Step Three:
I marked off 2″ wide stripes on the canvas with a pencil and the yardstick (just divide evenly based on the size of your canvas)"

Step Four:
"Use blue painter’s tape to mask off the stripes you don’t want paint on.  Wrap the tape around the sides to the back so you can paint the edges too.  Once the blue tape is on, paint the black gloss paint on the alternating stripes.  Allow to dry.  Then remove the painter’s tape."

Step Five:
"Place the deer head cutout on top of the canvas and trace with a pencil."

Step Six:
"Once you have traced the whole template, remove and go over the pencil with the liquid gold marker.  This is a huge step a lot of the tutorials skipped, but I think it’s so important.  It’s hard to get clean edges with the glue so the gold marker will give you a perfect outline."

Step Seven:
"Use a combination of your large and small paint brush to fill in the outline generously with white glue.  The thicker you put the glue the more dimensional it looks.  Try to stay slightly within the gold outline so the edges stay crisp."

Step Eight:
"Dump on the glitter and let it set for about a minute.  When done shake off into a paper grocery bag (so you can pour the excess back into the container).  If there are any spotty areas you can touch them up with glue and glitter.  I also used a dry paintbrush and brushed away any glitter that fell outside the lines.  When done give a light coat of enamel spray or hairspray to keep the glitter in place."

DIY for the Southern Gentleman

Every week, we publish a fun DIY craft for our readers. However, more often than not, these DIY fashion ideas are for the ladies. This is a list of DIY projects for the cowboys to take a shot at, or if you would like to make something for the southern gent in your life! Don't forget to snap a pic of your craft when you're done and tag us. You'll be featured on our social media pages and you might win some cool stuff!

Men's Skinny Tie by A Beautiful Mess





Insulated Beer Koozies by Positively Splendid



Altoids Sours BBQ Grill by Instructables



Garage Shelves by Parties for Pennies



Swiss Army Key Ring by GuyManningham



Bar Made From Wooden Shipping Pallets by Aly



Bacon Salt by Chopin And My Saucepan



Mason Jar Superhero Bank by Fireflies and Mud Pies



Altoids Survival Kit by Indefinitely Wild




Bad Day Kits

We all have our bad days every now and then. It can be super frustrating, hurtful, tough and long but you make it to the next day and you should be very proud of yourself for that. However, it is nice to have some help.

This holiday, I started making "bad day kits" for people because, being a starving college student, I don't have a ton of money to spend, but I wanted to still get the special people in my life something special for themselves...

So I headed on over to Dollar Tree and Five Below and that's when it hit me: a kit to help get through a rough day.

You can create a bad day kit for yourself, friends, neighbors, family members or really anyone. You can get really specific or be super general. Either way, the kit not only will be full of stuff to help make that person feel better, but it is also a super generous thought. 


Here are some basics:

-mini jar candles (Dollar Tree!)

-bubble bath

-pummice sponge




-hot chocolate

-fuzzy socks

-facial scrub

-applicator for mentioned scrub

-nail file

-nail polish remover

-nail polish

-a cooling mask

-a bean neck pillow

-a mini teddy bear



-ear plugs

-bubble wrap (the most therapeutic thing in the world)

-joke book


If you want to get more personal:

-notes (compliments, memories, song lyrics, motiviationals, fun facts, etc.)

-pictures (personal photos, baby animals, hunks, pretty ladies, funny photos, etc.)


-a mixtape (CD or playlist, whatever you kids are using nowadays)


-coupon book (1 free massage, road trip, coffee and chit chat on me!, etc.)

-mini liquor bottles (for those REALLY bad days)


What helps get you through a bad day?

We hope that all is well and that these kits come in handy if necessary.

Let us know what you put in your kits! Perhaps some Redneck Couture to lift the spirits with a splash of fashion?!

10 Things You Can Do With A Leftover Liquor Bottle

1. With a splash of paint or a bit of tape and a nice flower, you can turn a wine bottle or liquor bottle into a vase.


For a bit of southern flare add burlap or twine to some lovely summer color flowers!



2. Make them talk! Using chalkboard paint, coat your bottles and let them be used to write all over! Click here for the tutorial.



3. Turn your liquor bottles into glitter bottles! These are useful to have around just as a fun decoration, but also can be used to give your jewelry (Boot Bling!) a place to hang to be clasped around.



4. Turn 'em into glasses! Use the tutorial below to find out how to cut your bottles safely and efficiently. 





5. Make a message in a bottle for someone special! This makes for a really great gift for the presentation is really nice and the message is thoughtful. Using a wine bottle is best for this. You can simply write your message, roll it up and stick it in or you can add some flare too!



6. Sand art! This is a fun craft to do with the kids or even with other adults. This might be popular for a party as well. Once you're done making your sand art bottle, keep it around as a fancy decoration!



7. Candle holders so you can have a little moonlighting while you're working on emptying a new bottle to recycle. This is classy, artsy and environmentally friendly.



8. For those summer nights of BBQs, country music and rough housing, you need the perfect lighting. Attach mini liquor bottles to a string of lights and hang em up outside.



9. Can't find that perfect soap dispenser? A whiskey bottle will do! Learn how here.



10. Don't forget about the caps and the corks. Each top can be used for something neat from buttons to magnets to coasters to sculptures!

( (




Take a pic of your recycled bottle creations and tag us! You could be featured on our social media.