Brand Update: Can't Top Us!

New and exciting things are blooming this spring and summer for Redneck Couture from new products to campaigns and of course prep work for vending at all of the hottest country events to see our Fancy Rednecks!

New products!

The Redneck Couture Camo Hat

Perfect for cowgirls and cowboys alike for a sunny day outside. Comfy, classy and for your cranium. Get this cap for just $25.00

Cardigan Couture

This cream colored cardigan is lovely for any kind of weather. Made of a light material that stretches and breathes but cuddles you just right, it is the best fashion statement of comfort. It's also a color and material that goes with literally anything from a skirt to jeans to plaid to leggings and everything in between.  Get this layering must-have for $60.00

New Bling! We also have added a few members to the Boot Bling family...coming soon!

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The Fashion of the Fancy Redneck







Floral Print

(                             (




Tank tops

Football merch
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Bikini top + Denim shorts
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Boot Bling

Snarky stylish tees

Statement jewelry

Infinity scarves



Saddlebag purse


DIY No Sew Cardigan From a Shrunken Sweater!

Have you ever shrunk your sweater in the dryer or perhaps it's just from a long time ago but you don't wanna toss it? Well, you don't have to!

This is a super fun, fast and simple DIY project to keep that sweater in your wardrobe.

What you'll need:



Hem tape


Hot glue

A piece of cardboard or something to put in the cardigan to prevent the hot glue from burning the material


Step One:

Get your sweater. Lay it out on a flat surface.


Step Two:

Find the middle of your sweater. You can use a ruler or piece of string to be precise! With your scissors, cut down the center. Plug your hot glue gun in so it warms up.


Step Three:

Fold the jagged edges in. Use the hem tape to keep them down. This way your cardigan has smooth flaps.


Step Four:

Get your buttons ready. Place the cardboard under your flap so that your hot glue doesn't get on the inside of your cardigan. Now, place your buttons on your cardigan. Use a marker of some sort to make sure that you get them where you want them. You don't even have to use many, it's all about personal preference. Hot glue the buttons to the cardigan. 


Lots of Buttons or one button!

You're done!


Try on your cardigan over your Redneck Couture, snap a pic and tag us! You can be featured on our social media.

Redneck Summer

Hey Y'all!  We've been having a crazy summer.  We've been to some amazing shows and met some crazy rednecks.  We were at Brad Paisley, XTU Anniversary show, Tim McGraw, Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Audra Mclaughlin, Jimmy Buffet, and Miranda Lambert.  We still have some shows left, don't miss out come and see us!  We will be at Hunter Hayes 9/17 at Festival Pier in Philadelphia.  See y'all there!

Redneck Girls

If you haven't seen the Redneck Girls yet, you still have a few chances... We will definitely be at:

8/1 Jason Aldean @ Citizens Bank Park

8/15 Luke Bryan @ Lincoln Financial Field

8/19 Jimmy Buffet @ Susquehanna Bank Center

9/5 Miranda Lambert @ Susquehanna Bank Center

9/27 Toby Keith @ Susquehanna Bank Center

There might be a few other surprise stops, so keep your eyes peeled!




Check out "Sue Ellen" our latest Boot Bling


Check out "Sue Ellen" our latest Boot Bling!  She is a pistol packing mama but pretty as a flower!  Keep checking back, we are adding styles all the time!

Who wants to go to Zac Brown Band next week?

Do y'all want to go to Zac Brown Band next week at Susquehanna Bank Center? Well, we are giving out some tickets!!! So put down your sweet tea, get off your porch swing, and get on "the twitter" as my Ma says and tweet "ZBB" with ‪#‎Redneck925‬ for your chance to win!

Check It Out!

Just added the redneck tank top online!  Come check it out, it is one of my favorite images!

June 09, 2014 by Katrina Bonetsky

Come see us 5/16 at the Brad Paisley Concert in Camden, NJ

Hey Y'all! We will be at our 1st event this Friday May 16th at the Brad Paisley concert with openers Leah Turner and Randy Houser! Stop by & check out our booth!