The Ultimate Country Concert Survival Guide

Concerts are major events that are good to be prepared for as much as possible. Considering that country concerts and festivals are a lot of tailgating, hanging out and then jamming out, there are plenty of items that you can consider bringing for the ultimate concert experience! 


The bag you chooses matters! What do you want to bring? How much do you want to bring? Are you going to be carrying it the whole time? Do you need to keep stuff cold? Do you need to keep stuff secure? These are all excellent considerations when it comes to selecting your bag. Also, make sure that you have extra room in your bag for merch that you purchase at the actual event.
Want something cute, efficient and easy to wear? Consider a Redneck Couture knapsack!

What You're Packing:

1. Portable charger


(Your phone is going to die. This is an inevitable possibility. You're going to be texting, posting, tweeting, instagramming, taking photos and videos, jamming out to music before the concert and perhaps getting in a round or five of Candy Crush (do kids still play that?). It's an excellent idea to pack a portable charger or two for you and your friends to use in order to make sure that your phone is alive when you need it!)

2. Sunscreen


3. Water!


(It's going to be hot, there's going to be drinking, dancing and good times to be had--STAY HYDRATED.)

4. Little snacks


(Whether you're packing bonus snacks or drinks, make sure that you have something to keep you full. Food at a concert is VERY expensive, and is a hit or miss when it comes to quality. So the best decision is to bring your own concessions!)

5. Extra clothing item


(pack a little jacket, an extra tshirt, etc. You never know what kind of messes you may find yourself in or if you or your pals will get cold.)

6. Sharpies


(for impromptu autograph sessions or giving that handsome stranger your phone number)

7. Blanket or something to sit on


(an old quilt, a table cloth, folding chairs, pillows, etc.)

8. An extra pair of shoes.


(If you're new to boots but want to look your country chic best, you might want to bring a pair of sneakers along with you to change into if you feel uncomfortable after a while.)

9. Something to pull your hair up with.


(hair ties, clips, head bands, bandanas, etc.)

10. Make up wipes.


(These not only work for the post sweaty mascara smears, but they are universal cleaners for any kind of mess.)

11. Cash.


If you can avoid bringing your credit card, you'll be less likely to be totally screwed if you lose your wallet at a show if it just has cash in it. Make sure to bring only enough cash that you're comfortable with spending ($50.00 if you're planning on buying merch and perhaps an $8.00 soda). Keep your phone and wallet as close to you as possible. Perhaps even investing in a fanny pack would be a good idea.

12. Bug repellent.


13. Lighter.


14. Sunglasses.

(Head over to Dollar Tree and load up with at least 3 pairs of shades. You'll be able to share them with your friends that definitely forgot theirs, but at the same time if you lose a pair, not only do you have a backup, but it's not devastating to have lost a pair of $1.00 sunglasses.)

15. Plastic bags.


(they don't take up a lot of space and you can squish them together. However, after you open a drink, wrap it in a plastic bag before you put it back in your bag in case of spillage. Plus, there's always a use for a plastic bag. (Hold merch, throw out trash, etc.) 

What You're Wearing: 

It's officially summer time. Summer time brings many things: sunshine to bask in from 6am to 9pm, hot weather, bikinis, beach days, adventures, cool sweet tea, and of course country music! Here are some country music concert outfit suggestions and ideas to keep you cool, comfortable and country.

1. Band or artist merch.

There's a more than decent possibility that your Blake Shelton tshirt or Carrie Underwood tank top cost you more than you'd like to admit--so why not wear it proud!? The nostalgia value gets attached to the totem and it's an article of clothing that you can wear and remember the epic time that you had.

2. Layers.

As mentioned previously, it's always good to pack an extra clothing item for yourself or your concert pal. A concert starts with the tailgate party in the parking lot at noon--when it's HOT, HOT, HOT and then it just gets hotter throughout the day. For most of the concert you might find yourself in a tank top and some shorts; however, what happens once the sun goes down? Be sure to have something to warm up with just in case (a cardigan, hoodie, extra shirt, sweat pants to go over your shorts, etc.)



They're made for walkin', stompin', dancin' and more. (Don't forget to doll them up a bit with some hot Boot Bling.)

4. Hats.

It's going to be sunny. Don't forget your cowboy or cowgirl hat, baseball cap, snap back, or floppy hat at home.



5. Denim.

Wether you're rockin' cut off denim Daisy Dukes, jeans, or a denim vest, you can't forgo this country staple.


6. Plaid.

Another fancy redneck must, don't forget to dawn your plaid button ups. Comfy to keep cool and warm!


7. Something patriotic.

Support the good ol' USA with some red, white and blue.


Have a blast this summer!

Country Music Concerts 2016: Part 1

Summer is just around the corner! With summer and spring time come sunshine, sweet tea and even sweeter music. Check out this lineup:

Country Music Festivals

MAY 2016

Stagecoach Music Festival
Indio, CA
April 29th-May 1st

Lonestar Jam
Austin, TX
May 7th-May 8th

Crude Fest Texas Music Festival
Midland, TX
May 12th-May 14th

Tree Town Music Festival
Forest City, Iowa
May 26th-May 29th

Country 500
Daytona, FL
May 27th-May 29th

Bayou Country Super Fest
Baton Rouge, LA
May 28th-May 29th

Texas Frog Fest
Crystal Beach, TX
May 28th-May 29th

JUNE 2016

Bunbury Music Festival and Buckle Up
Cincinnati, OH
June 3rd-June 5th

Country Summer
Santa Rosa, CA
June 3rd-June 5th

Hank Williams Festival
June 3rd-June 4th

Rock the South Music Festival
Cullman, AL
June 3rd-June 4th

Patriotic Festival
Virginia Beach, VA
June 3rd-June 5th

Shipkicker Country Music Festival
Long Beach, CA
June 4th

CMA Music Festival
Nashville, TN
June 9th-June 12th

Winstock '16
Winstead, MN
June 10th-June 12th

Carolina Country Music Festival
Myrtle Beach, SC
June 10th-June 12th

Taste of Country Music Festival
Hunter, NY
June 10th-June 12th

Country USA Oshkosh
Oshkosh, WI
June 14th-June 18th

Big Horn Country
Sheridan, WY
June 16th-June 18th

Headwaters Country Jam
Three Forks, MT
June 16th-June 18th

Moondance Jammin' Country Fest
Walken, MN
June 17th-June 18th

Country Fest
Cadott, WI
June 16th-June 19th

Windy City LakeShake
Chicago, IL
June 17th-June 19th

Kicker Country Stampede
Manhattan, KS
June 23rd-June 26th

Jam in the Valley
Varrysburg, NY
June 30th-July 2nd

JULY 2016

Country Concert '16
Loramie, OH
July 7th-July 9th

Jamboree in the Hills
Morristown, OH
July 14th-July 17th

Faster Horses Festival
Brooklyn, MI
July 15th-July 17th

Windy City Smokeout
Chicago, IL
July 15th-July 17th

Night in the Country
Yerington, NV
July 21st-July 23rd

Country Thunder Wisconsin
Twin Lakes, WI
July 21st-July 24th

Watershed Music Festival
George, WA
July 29th-July 31st

Country Fest Long Island
Riverhead, NY
July 30th-July 31st


Country on the River
Prairie du Chien, WI
August 4th-August 6th

WE Fest
Detroit Lakes, MI
August 4th-August 6th

We hope you have a blast this summer at all your favorite concerts and shows. Be sure to show off your Redneck Couture and Boot Bling at any event! Don't forget to tag us!

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