Brand Update: Can't Top Us!

New and exciting things are blooming this spring and summer for Redneck Couture from new products to campaigns and of course prep work for vending at all of the hottest country events to see our Fancy Rednecks!

New products!

The Redneck Couture Camo Hat

Perfect for cowgirls and cowboys alike for a sunny day outside. Comfy, classy and for your cranium. Get this cap for just $25.00

Cardigan Couture

This cream colored cardigan is lovely for any kind of weather. Made of a light material that stretches and breathes but cuddles you just right, it is the best fashion statement of comfort. It's also a color and material that goes with literally anything from a skirt to jeans to plaid to leggings and everything in between.  Get this layering must-have for $60.00

New Bling! We also have added a few members to the Boot Bling family...coming soon!

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The Fashion of the Fancy Redneck







Floral Print

(                             (




Tank tops

Football merch
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Bikini top + Denim shorts
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Boot Bling

Snarky stylish tees

Statement jewelry

Infinity scarves



Saddlebag purse


10 Signs You’re a Country Girl


  1. You are as sweet as ice tea, but tough as a shot of whiskey.
  2. Your boots are a part of you as much as your arms or legs.  
  3. You know Redneck Hottubbing is much more fun than it sounds.
  4. You have no problem gittin’ dirty…
  5. Trucks<3
  6. Belles before bulls always.
  7. Denim, denim, denim and plaid.
  8. You know all of the words to “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson.
  9. Your first best friend was either your horse or your shotgun. 
  10. You can fish, hunt, and camp better than any city boy could dream.