DIY: Lace Heels


Step One:
Gather your materials-
-A pair of heels

Step Two:
Apply glue to the back of the lace.

Step Three:
Stick on the lace. You can even hit it with a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

DIY: Chalkboard Picture Frame


Step One:
Gather materials-
-Vintage picture frame
-Chalkboard paint
-Paint brushes
-Old newspaper
-2 cups of water 

Step One:
Place news papers down on your surface so you don't get paint everywhere.

Step Two:
Paint the inside of your frame with the CHALKBOARD paint. (if you can separate the back from the frame, you can do the next step in one step!) Let dry.

Step Three:
Once the chalkboard paint is dry, place a piece of newspaper over it. Paint the frame a fun color. Let dry.



DIY: Wine Rack

Wine Rack DIY from The Merry Thought


Step One:
Gather your materials-
-1/2″ x 12″ x 24″ Birch Plywood
-Scroll Saw
-Three 5/8″ Dowels
-5/8″ Forstner Drill Bit
-Wood Glue
-Four 1″ x 20″ pieces of Leather
-Sewing Machine

Step Two:
"Draw line across the board at 11 5/8in from one end (this gives an extra 3/8in to the back side of the stand) Use the saw to cut along this line."

Step Three:
"On the top half, (the one with the extra 3/8in) measure 1.5in down from the top and make a mark at the center of the board and then a mark at 1in in from each side. Also mark 6 1/4in down from the top at the center and 1in in from each side. (These are for the dowels.)"

Step Four:
"Drill a hole most of the way through the board at each mark. Cut six 12in pieces of dowel."

Step Five:
"Screw the base piece of wood to the back of the stand. Glue dowels in place."


Step Six:
"Fold each piece of leather in half. Stitch across, giving enough room for dowel to fit through. About 1in." 

Step Seven:
"Now fold about an inch on each end and sew along the edge. 
Slide the leather on the dowels once they are completely dry and fill it up with your favorite wine!"

DIY: Sparkly Garter

Check out this amazing tutorial from All The Good Girls Go To Heaven Blog!


Step One:
Gather materials-
-Stretchy lace ribbon
-Rhinestone appliqué - get one here or here
-Needle and thread
-Hot fix rhinestones & rhinestone setter or iron (optional)

Step Two:
Cut lace to the correct length. 

Step Three:
Sew the 
appliqué to the center of the lace.

Step Four:
Arrange the rhinestones and iron on.

Step Five:
Turn inside out and sew lace closed.


Many Uses for Mason Jars

Whether you're pickling, saving, or jamming full of preserves, mason jars are the universal go to for all food preservation needs!

Mini Kits
Convert any jar into a one stop kit for literally anything from sewing supplies, first aid, gifts and more!
Sewing Kit
Energy, Pampering and Refreshment
Gingerbread House

Fill up a jars with jelly beans, chocolates and other confections and place them around your home. It makes for a sweet decoration.

Make your own homemade candles for decoration or a fun gift. Check out some ideas and tutorials here, here, here and here.

Organize and accessorize with mason jars! Keep your desk sorted, bathroom efficient, kitchen clear and more.
(countryliving) (lizmarieblog)

Soap Dispenser
Convert a mason jar into a fun soap pump of your own design! Find out how to here, here or here.

Mason jars can be used for absolutely a ton of different light sources or light projects for anywhere in your home. They can be string lights, chandeliers, lanterns, candles, firefly homes and even the base for a lamp!
Hanging Lights

Photo Frame
Create a unique way to display your photos.

Air Freshener
With these fun ideas and recipes you can make an air freshener that smells as amazing as it looks.

Putting together a fun recipe in a mason jar can make for not only a super easy dish, but a fun gift.
Redneck Couture Cookies

16 Easy Mason Jar Recipes
Pizza in a Jar
Stackable Salads
Blueberry Pancakes
Coconut Cream Pie
Rice Krispie Treats
Birthday Cake in a Jar

Keep your flowers displayed in a neat way.
Painted Vases
Spray Painted Vases
Solid Jars

Party Favors
Not only do mason jars make great gifts, but epic small party favors.
Personalized or Message Jars
Mason Jar Lids Bracelets

Leftover Storage
Use these jars to keep or toss your leftovers from paint to hot grease!

Salt, pepper, sugar.
Salt + Pepper
Powdered Sugar

Time Capsules
Store your memories forever from ticket stubs, pictures, theme park bands, concert tickets and more.

Organize your receipts so that they are easy to find from groceries, gas, gifts, possible returns and more. Perfect for tax season!

Wine Glasses
True Redneck Couture.

Snow Globes
Snow Globes can be fun projects all year round. Check out these fun tutorials.
5 Snow Globe Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday Decorations or Ornaments
We may have a few months before the holidays, but there's no reason we can't get inspired now. Mason jars are excellent for holiday decorations from Halloween to Christmas.
Spooky Jars and Crafts
Christmas Jars

14 Mason Jar Crafts You Need This Christmas
25 Magical Ways to Use Mason Jars This Christmas
Snowman Candle

Mini Gardens
Grow things indoors and out using jars as garden pots. These are perfect for small herb gardens to rest in the kitchen or on a window sill.

Mason jars come in so many styles and sizes that they can be converted into many different types of cups! You can dip them in pain, cover them with glitter, stencil them and more.
Polka Dot Glasses
Sippy Cups
Premixed Drinks
Party Brunch Beverages

Bird Feeder
Keep the birds and critters happy with this super fun bird feeder jar.

Character Jars
Create jars of all kinds from animals to Lego to famous stars.
Bunny Jars
Lego Character

Special Jars
Keep special jars for special purposes: Wish Jar, Swear Jar, Rainy Day Fund, Found Change Jar, Found Objects Jar, etc.

Use the jars to dispense thread, twine or rope to make your crafts easy and mess free.

Terrarium or Aquarium
Create a fun nature environment in a jar with wildlife and plants.

Mason jars are the perfect way to give gifts.

Bad Day Kits
Pamper Kits

25 Mason Jar Gift Ideas
Monogram Marquee
Silhouette Jar
18 Creative Mason Jar Gift Ideas

From favors to lighting to centerpieces to glasses and more.
Groom's To Go Kit
Rustic Wedding Mason Jar Ideas
Wedding Day Kit

Bath Salts, Lotions, and Body Scrubs
Keep clean and fresh with these fun mason jar ideas.
15 Sugar Scrub Crafts

Wind Chime

Cupcake Transports
Use these jars to bring yummy treats from point A to point T (for tummy!)

Want some more ideas? Check out here, here, here, here, and here!


The Dos and Don'ts of Summer Fashion

DON'T: Get ripped jeans that are too tight, even in skinny style.

DO: Wear less makeup. Natural light is great for your skin. With so many outdoor activities, you may find yourself sweating or getting dirty or going swimming and makeup can get messy and complicated real quick. Give your skin a break and go as natural as you feel comfortable with!

DON'T: Underestimate how cute a t-shirt can be. Pretty and practical.

DO: Add some white lace (tops, dresses, or skirts) to your wardrobe for a fun, cool and fashionable addition.

DON'T: Choose style over comfort. Yes, it's important to put your best foot forward, but at the same time, you don't want to trip over that very foot. Be cute AND comfortable, but don't make a sacrifice.

DO: Find the right pair of sunglasses for style and protection.

DON'T: Cuff capri pants. If you want shorts, just wear shorts. 

DO: Go a bit more casual. Many office settings allow a semi-laxed dress code during the summer because of the heat. 

DON'T: Be afraid to show off YOU with your wardrobe choices. Your outfit is a reflection of you, make sure everyone sees it!
What do your boots say about you?

DO: Dress for the weather! Want to wear your white top but it might rain? Save the top for tomorrow when it's sunny, you don't want an involuntary wet t-shirt contest to happen. Layers are also important.

DON'T: Wear something you cannot function in. This goes back to not sacrificing comfort for cute. If you can't walk in heels, don't wear them. 

DO: Try something new! Put some variety into your wardrobe.

DO: Waterproof your boots!
Check out these cool tips here

Snack Like a Southerner: Deviled Eggs

This scrumptious southern snack is perfect for parties, get togethers or simply lunch! It's good and good for ya too. Check out this amazing recipe from for Deviled Eggs!


6 large hard-boiled eggs
Black pepper
2tbsp Miracle Whip
1tsp yellow mustard
2tbsp sweet pickle relish

Step One:
Peel shells off cooled hard boiled eggs. Slice each egg into halves lengthwise.

Step Two:
Remove yolks from whites and place in a small round bowl. Mash yolks with a fork into fine pieces.

Step Three:
Add Miracle Whip, yellow mustard, relish, salt and pepper to yolk. Stir mixture until creamy.

Step Four:
Spoon mixture into a zip-lock bag. Seal and snip off one corner of the bag. Squeeze mixture from the bag into the egg halves.

Step Five:
Garnish with a bit of paprika and enjoy!


DIY for the Southern Gentleman

Every week, we publish a fun DIY craft for our readers. However, more often than not, these DIY fashion ideas are for the ladies. This is a list of DIY projects for the cowboys to take a shot at, or if you would like to make something for the southern gent in your life! Don't forget to snap a pic of your craft when you're done and tag us. You'll be featured on our social media pages and you might win some cool stuff!

Men's Skinny Tie by A Beautiful Mess





Insulated Beer Koozies by Positively Splendid



Altoids Sours BBQ Grill by Instructables



Garage Shelves by Parties for Pennies



Swiss Army Key Ring by GuyManningham



Bar Made From Wooden Shipping Pallets by Aly



Bacon Salt by Chopin And My Saucepan



Mason Jar Superhero Bank by Fireflies and Mud Pies



Altoids Survival Kit by Indefinitely Wild




Spoiled Southern: Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Cowboy

Premium Poker Set, $68.59



Bacon of the Month Club, $6.00-$195.00



Old Fashioned Beer Bottle Opener, $22.00

(TheHenryHouse etsy)


Beer Holsters, $28.00



Redneck Couture Tee, $28.00

Fancy Shaving Kit, $25.00


Handmade Personalized Flask, $199.99



Personalized Wood Handle Pocket Knife, $12.99


The Guide To Urban Moonshining Handbook, $19.21


Have a happy Valentine's Day and don't forget that if you order your Cowboy Casanova or yourself anything from Redneck Couture, shipping is FREE!



Spoiled Southern: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Sweet Southern Belle

Personalized Buck and Doe Necklace Pendant Set, $34.95

(VenturinGraphics easy)

Heart Sparkles Keychain, $7.95


A Set of Sassy Wine Bottle Tags, $9.99


Redneck Couture's Bullet Heart Crop Top, $32.00

Specialized "Creative" Flowers


Edible Arrangements, $29.99-$99.00


Studded Leather Handbag, $10.99


Redneck Couture Boot Bling, $28.00-$44.00

Spinner Heart Necklace, $17.95


Manicure Set, $11.99-$12.95



Redneck Couture Scarf, $22.00

Courage Necklace, $12.99


Have a happy Valentine's Day with your special someone.