Dorm Room: Southern Style

Moving into a new place can be both an exhilarating and frightening experience, so it's good to be prepared for anything! Whether you're off to college to move into a cramped dorm room, a fancy loft, a studio apartment, or your first home, check out these tips, sites and essentials to make your living place feel like a home...which is the Southern Style.

Here is a basic guideline checklist to get you started. If this one doesn't seem to fit your needs perfectly, use it as a template for your own! Making a checklist of what you need, what you have and what you have to buy is a really great first step in moving.


When it comes to buying appliances there are plenty of factors that come into play: price, convenience, look, practicality, etc. When I went shopping for my dorm/apartment, I went to Walmart and grabbed things that were in my price range and that's all that I looked for. This made my wallet happy, but I wasn't all that surprised when my microwave crapped out on me half way into the school year--not dissing Walmart microwaves by any stretch of the imagination, I just didn't check ahead to see the wattage compatibilities from the microwave to my room! Who'da thunk? Keep a few factors in mind when shopping for your home.
Important Before You Buy Appliances Tips

Appliances You May Need to Consider:
Major Appliances-
-Washing machine
-Dish washer

Other Appliances-
-Toaster oven
-Coffee maker
-Crock pot
-Food Saver Sealer

Tech Appliances-
When it comes to shopping for tech, make sure these purchases aren't made on a whim. Do a bit of research before selecting these items, especially to see if you can get student discounts and such.
-Desktop computer
-DSLR camera
-Cell phone
-DVD player
-Blu Ray player

Shopping for Appliances in Stores:
HH Gregg
Best Buy
Home Depot or Lowes
Home Goods

Shopping for Appliances Online:
US Appliance
AJ Madison


The kitchen can arguably be one of the most important implements of any living space--especially southern style. So, whether you are cramming into a dorm room that doesn't even have a counter top let alone a kitchen, or a house complete with a six place stove and oven, these tips should help!
Setting Up a Functional Kitchen
Kitchen Essentials Guide

Home Goods
Kitchen Kapers

Casserole dishes
Baking pans
Mixing bowl
Hand mixer
Tablespoon/teaspoon set
Measuring cups (dry)
Measuring cups (wet)
Rubber spatula
Oven mitts
Pot holders
Cooling racks
Baking stone

Mixing spoon
Serving spoon
Ceramic bowl
Microwave safe items
Cutting/carving knives
Cutting board



Dish towels
Place mats
Dust pan
Trash can
Dish soap
Spice rack
Paper towels
Drying rack

Living Room

Even in a small dorm you may find that you have some type of common area or living room. This is kind of like a second bedroom that you share with the world--what the heck does that mean?! Well, this room is a homey reflection of how you feel about your home and how you would like your guests to feel while they are in your home. This is a fun room to decorate, furnish and have fun in.

Home Goods
Five Below
Ashley Home Furniture
Raymour & Flannigan

Rooms to Go

Entertainment center
Storage (cabinets, drawers, table/shelf hybrid, etc)

The most important thing you can do for your house/dorm/apartment is to make it a home. Surround yourself with your comforts, memories and the necessities, and you'll be okay.  



Country Cozy

Interview With a Farm Girl: A True Fancy Redneck

This is Rose. She does it all. She owns, operates and runs a farm and business. She was kind enough to give us some insights on what it's like to run such an amazing operation.

Where are you from? What is your farm called?

"I’m from Wrightstown, NJ and my farm is Robson’s Farm"

What types of duties do you perform?

"Well, I own the business so I pretty much do it all! Planning, planting, picking, packing, delivery, basically anything that needs to be done to run the farm business."

What is your favorite part about working on a farm?

"I love the quiet and freshness at 5 AM.  I love being outside all day (rainy days included). I love watching a seed turn into a little green plant, that turns into something incredible like a gorgeous sunflower.  There are so many favorite parts."

What aspect do you dread?

"I don’t really dread any part of it. You have to look at certain tasks as “work is work.” Approach it with child like excitement paired with the mentality of a crossfit athlete and the quicker you get to it the more quickly it’s done."

Working on a farm is taxing and messy work. How do you feel about it? Do you think it's glamourous in its own way?

"Farm work is indeed taxing. However I have some pretty toned arms to show for it! It’s easy to feel like I’ve lost touch with being “girly” but then there I am in the field with peal earrings and cute little blue boots and I feel very “lady-like.” I think strength and drive are very glamorous and feminine."  

What "farm girl" stereotype do you wanna toss in the mud?

"I don’t have a huge crew working for me. I actually do the work. Sometimes people think I watch what’s going on from my pick up. Please, I love being in the field."  

Do you get a lot of hassle because you're a lady farm hand?

"I don’t really get hasseled because I work just as hard as the boys do.  I try to always start my day thinking about someone I know who I consider an incredibly hard worker. Then I think to myself, Ok, today I’m going to out work him."  

Would you consider yourself living a southern lifestyle?

"I lived in South Carolina for 5 and a half years. And my lifestyle was completely different. It’s much more country now. I think every corner of the country has the “country” lifestyle not just the south."

What country song would you consider to be the soundtrack to your life?

"Hmmm I can’t just choose one so I’ll give you 3.

  1. Working Man’s PhD by Aaron Tippin
  2. Dirt by Florida Georgia Line
  3. And this new one they’ve been playing on the highway on XM radio: America’s Sweetheart by Elle King. I love it!"

How are you spending your summer?

"I spend my summer working between 80 and 112 hours a week getting food and flowers to the people."

Are you ready for the fall?

"Yes! Fall is my favorite time on the farm. The weather is great and who doesn’t love pumpkins! Things slow down just a little so I really get a chance to enjoy what I’m most passionate about."

What is your definition of country?

"My mind first jumps to a place when you say country however on second thought I think it’s more of an idea. I mean please, I live in NJ! Not what most people think of when they think country! Country is living a full life that may seem simple to many but it’s actually very rich. Enjoying the outdoors. Seeing the stars, hearing the crickets through an open bedroom window…it’s crazy how much I missed those things when I lived in Chicago for a year. Country is comfort and home for me."

Many Uses for Mason Jars

Whether you're pickling, saving, or jamming full of preserves, mason jars are the universal go to for all food preservation needs!

Mini Kits
Convert any jar into a one stop kit for literally anything from sewing supplies, first aid, gifts and more!
Sewing Kit
Energy, Pampering and Refreshment
Gingerbread House

Fill up a jars with jelly beans, chocolates and other confections and place them around your home. It makes for a sweet decoration.

Make your own homemade candles for decoration or a fun gift. Check out some ideas and tutorials here, here, here and here.

Organize and accessorize with mason jars! Keep your desk sorted, bathroom efficient, kitchen clear and more.
(countryliving) (lizmarieblog)

Soap Dispenser
Convert a mason jar into a fun soap pump of your own design! Find out how to here, here or here.

Mason jars can be used for absolutely a ton of different light sources or light projects for anywhere in your home. They can be string lights, chandeliers, lanterns, candles, firefly homes and even the base for a lamp!
Hanging Lights

Photo Frame
Create a unique way to display your photos.

Air Freshener
With these fun ideas and recipes you can make an air freshener that smells as amazing as it looks.

Putting together a fun recipe in a mason jar can make for not only a super easy dish, but a fun gift.
Redneck Couture Cookies

16 Easy Mason Jar Recipes
Pizza in a Jar
Stackable Salads
Blueberry Pancakes
Coconut Cream Pie
Rice Krispie Treats
Birthday Cake in a Jar

Keep your flowers displayed in a neat way.
Painted Vases
Spray Painted Vases
Solid Jars

Party Favors
Not only do mason jars make great gifts, but epic small party favors.
Personalized or Message Jars
Mason Jar Lids Bracelets

Leftover Storage
Use these jars to keep or toss your leftovers from paint to hot grease!

Salt, pepper, sugar.
Salt + Pepper
Powdered Sugar

Time Capsules
Store your memories forever from ticket stubs, pictures, theme park bands, concert tickets and more.

Organize your receipts so that they are easy to find from groceries, gas, gifts, possible returns and more. Perfect for tax season!

Wine Glasses
True Redneck Couture.

Snow Globes
Snow Globes can be fun projects all year round. Check out these fun tutorials.
5 Snow Globe Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday Decorations or Ornaments
We may have a few months before the holidays, but there's no reason we can't get inspired now. Mason jars are excellent for holiday decorations from Halloween to Christmas.
Spooky Jars and Crafts
Christmas Jars

14 Mason Jar Crafts You Need This Christmas
25 Magical Ways to Use Mason Jars This Christmas
Snowman Candle

Mini Gardens
Grow things indoors and out using jars as garden pots. These are perfect for small herb gardens to rest in the kitchen or on a window sill.

Mason jars come in so many styles and sizes that they can be converted into many different types of cups! You can dip them in pain, cover them with glitter, stencil them and more.
Polka Dot Glasses
Sippy Cups
Premixed Drinks
Party Brunch Beverages

Bird Feeder
Keep the birds and critters happy with this super fun bird feeder jar.

Character Jars
Create jars of all kinds from animals to Lego to famous stars.
Bunny Jars
Lego Character

Special Jars
Keep special jars for special purposes: Wish Jar, Swear Jar, Rainy Day Fund, Found Change Jar, Found Objects Jar, etc.

Use the jars to dispense thread, twine or rope to make your crafts easy and mess free.

Terrarium or Aquarium
Create a fun nature environment in a jar with wildlife and plants.

Mason jars are the perfect way to give gifts.

Bad Day Kits
Pamper Kits

25 Mason Jar Gift Ideas
Monogram Marquee
Silhouette Jar
18 Creative Mason Jar Gift Ideas

From favors to lighting to centerpieces to glasses and more.
Groom's To Go Kit
Rustic Wedding Mason Jar Ideas
Wedding Day Kit

Bath Salts, Lotions, and Body Scrubs
Keep clean and fresh with these fun mason jar ideas.
15 Sugar Scrub Crafts

Wind Chime

Cupcake Transports
Use these jars to bring yummy treats from point A to point T (for tummy!)

Want some more ideas? Check out here, here, here, here, and here!


Snack Like a Southerner: Mississippi Tea Cakes


1/2 cup butter
1 cup white sugar
1 egg
1tsp vanilla extract
2 cups flour
1tsp baking powder
1/2tsp baking soda
1/4 cup buttermilk

Preheat oven to 350.

Step One:
In a bowl mix together butter and sugar until they are well blended together.

Step Two:
Add eggs and vanilla to mix.

Step Three:
Mix in flour, baking soda and baking powder. Cream together. Add buttermilk.

Step Four:
Using a spoon, drop scoops onto a baking sheet. (which you may want to cover with sprayed aluminum foil--less likely to have the bottoms burn and less clean up.)

Step Five:
Bake for 8-10 minutes.


DIY: Custom Burlap Table Runner

Step One:
Gather your materials.

-black fabric paint
-paint sponge

Also, if your burlap hasn't been cut to your needs yet, trim it! 

Step Two:
Pour paint onto some old newspaper. Place another piece of paper under your burlap so you don't get paint on the table.

Step Three:
Prep your stencils. Now, place your stencils on and paint!

Step Four:
Let it dry and you're done!