DIY: Pom Pom Blanket


Step One:
Gather materials-
-Throw blanket (from thrift shop, Target or just something lying around)
-Hot glue/Fabric glue
-Pom Pom Trim

Step Two:
Measure out length of blanket in order to cut the right amount of Pom Pom time. Snip snip!

Step Three:
Glue the trim onto the edge of the blanket a few inches at a time. Be careful not to get your fingers with the hot glue.

Step Four:
Let dry! 

DIY: Forever Flowers for Mother's Day

Now, if your mom or special lady in your life, or even you yourself kills plants as fast and as efficiently as my mother does, then this is the perfect DIY gift! These forever flowers don't smell or die, so they can be kept around anywhere and everywhere for however long!


Step One:
Gather materials-
-Fake flowers (Dollar Tree, Michael's Crafts, Walmart, etc.)

Step Two:
Arrange flowers in vase.

Step Three:
Wrap ribbon around vase.

DIY: Chalkboard Picture Frame


Step One:
Gather materials-
-Vintage picture frame
-Chalkboard paint
-Paint brushes
-Old newspaper
-2 cups of water 

Step One:
Place news papers down on your surface so you don't get paint everywhere.

Step Two:
Paint the inside of your frame with the CHALKBOARD paint. (if you can separate the back from the frame, you can do the next step in one step!) Let dry.

Step Three:
Once the chalkboard paint is dry, place a piece of newspaper over it. Paint the frame a fun color. Let dry.



Country Cozy

DIY: Triangle Necklace


Step One:
Gather materials-
-Polymer clay in 2 colors
-Chain or cord
-Jump rings
-Closure clasps

Step Two:
"First, condition your clay (roll between your hands until it's soft and pliable). Roll out the two colors a little bit. Place a piece of color A over B. Cut out the section that's underneath (otherwise it will be too thick). Pinch/kneed the seem together so you have one piece. Roll and smooth out to your preferred thickness and cut into a triangle. Use a toothpick to make 2 holes on each end."

Step Three:
"Once you're happy with the shape, place on a baking sheet and bake at 275 for about 20 minutes. While baking cut two pieces of chain to the length you like. When cool, fit the jump rings through the holes, attach the chain and crimp shut. Add jump rings to the end of the chain and finish with a closure clasp."


DIY: 52 Reasons I Love You Valentine


Step One:
Gather Materials-
-Full deck of cards
-Hot glue, glue stick, adhesive
-Hole punch
-Binder rings
-Marker (or printer)
-Paper (or printer)

Step Two:
Hole punch your cards. Make sure all of the cards line up!

Step Three:
Measure your cards in order to measure the "stickers" for your 52 reasons booklet. For example, if your cards have a small square on them, measure it (say maybe 3inx2in) and then sketch out rectangles on a piece of paper. You can also make them on your computer and print them out.


Print out one of these templates.

Step Four:
Write your 52 reasons in your squares (either right on the paper with a marker, or typed onto the template) Here are some suggestions-
52 Reasons Why I Love You
52 Reasons I Love NAME
Physical features: Your eyes, cute butt, etc.
The way you kiss me
Your song: "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", "If My Heart Had Wings"
Location of your first date
An inside joke
Personality quirks: you like ketchup on your pancakes, your goofy laugh
Things you do together: Party Down South marathons, When we cook and don't burn the house down

Step Five:
Cut out your reasons and glue them onto your cards.

Step Six:
Put together your cards onto the rings.


DIY: Brass Bracelet


Find out how to make the amazing bracelet here

January 01, 2016 by Lexx Fusco

DIY: Yarn Wrapped Painted Jars

The Forge

Step One: 
Gather your supplies-
-Mason jars of any size
-Yarn/twine/ribbon (depending on preference of thickness or desired shape)
-Discarded newspapers (for surface safety)
-Tea light candles

Step Two:
Wrap your jars with the twine in desired pattern.

Step Two:
Paint your jars. Leave them to dry.

So pretty!

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