DIY: Cut Out Collar Shirt

OP: Anna Evers


Ms. Evers has inspired this really cute cut out top perfect for any occasion. And here's how you can make your own for $4.00.

1. Gather your materials.

-Button up shirt (can be any color, but I bought a black men's button up from Goodwill for $4.00! You could even do it in plaid or denim which would be pretty cute.)

2. Using the ruler, measure out how far you want your cuts to be to make sure that they are equal on both sides. For my shirt, I measured two and a half inches from the collar. Use the ruler to make your marks!

3. Cut along the lines using your scissors. Make sure your scissors are SHARP. They sell special fabric scissors if you want to purchase them or have them lying around.

Your cuts might be a little messy, don't sweat it. You can go back and shape them up or use hem tape to tape them down. Now cut the other side.

4. See how it looks!

Don't forget to snap a pic of you wearing your sexy new shirt and tag us! You'll be featured on our social media!