Winter to Spring Fashion Transition Tips

Spring is just around the corner believe it or not and I'd bet you're pretty excited about that and aren't all that hesitant to store that parka away for the next few months! Here are some tips for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring!

Tip #1:
At the beginning of fall and spring, organize your closet. For the fall, line up all of your clothes for the fall and the winter. When it comes spring time, store away most of your fall and winter clothes and put up your spring and summer attire. This way, you stay organized and have plenty of options!

Tip #2:
Layers! In the first few weeks of spring it can still be a bit chilly out, so be prepared with a few layers of clothing. Perhaps a cute denim jacket over a sundress, or a cardigan over a Redneck Couture tee! Stay warm but also very cool.
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Tip #3:
Colors are back in season. In the winter time, most wardrobes tend to become darker in color. Brighter colors tend to make people feel warmer. Try something new perhaps some pinks, light greens, pastel or neutral colors. Bringing a splash of color to your wardrobe is important, but if you are also into considering some make up tips, try some pastel colors on your eyes and lips as well!

Tip #4:
Lighter materials such as cotton or silk or sheers are your friend. Don't put your denim back too quick though!

Tip #5:
Try something new! There are a mess of new fashion trends for spring 2015 waiting to be worn this season: white jeans, gingham skirts, sweater dresses, ruffled blouse, denim dress, floral prints, polo shirts, leather and more!

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Tip #6:
Stay comfortable! 

DIY: Studded Cuff Jeans



Step 1: Lay out supplies. Find a decent pair of jeans that you don’t mind altering and a pair of pliers. You’ll need studs too, any color of your choosing. You can find them at any craft store or fabric retailer. Or you can buy them online! Here or here.


Step Two: Cuff your jeans. A quick tip, put the jeans on and cuff them, that way you’ll know if you’re going too high, too low or just right! After you find the cuff, mark it with a Sharpie or something so when you take them off you can find the cuff again.


Step Three: Make a pattern. If you get a variety of studs, you might want to lay them out on your cuff before pinning them to your pants. If you just have the same studs, don’t sweat it, but line them up in the order you want them in.


Step Four: Stud the cuff. The studs come with sharp backs that you pierce through the denim with. Be careful! Use the pliers to bend the stud. Repeat with each stud.


You’re done!


Take a pic of you with your studded jeans and your Redneck Couture and you could be featured on our social media. Don’t forget to tag us!


January 11, 2015 by Lexx Fusco